The all-important Why

107 here on Earth. He was the first to talk about God as our Father. We can thank Jesus for the feeling a lot of people have, namely “He is my Father and I am his child.” We also know through him that God is Love. We only felt fear of God before and the thought of punishment and revenge burdened us. Do you have a Bible or a New Testament? I know that most of us find the Bible old hat and balk at its ancient writing style. But if you like, you could read three chapters in the Gospel of Matthew (Matthew Chapter 5 - 7) that are called the Sermon on the Mount. Even if one has to assume that not all of it are the words of Jesus - we are dealing with a nearly 2000 years old accounts - you might sense this vision of unconditional love, faith and trust in God that is contained therein, something that has never been expressed in this fashion on Earth before. And what was the price the Son had to pay for coming down to Earth and confront the people here, to expose himself to their derision, contempt and mistreatment! But Jesus did not take away our “sins”, our misdemeanours, as some of the Christian communities have us believe. I hear people say in all seriousness that he took our sins to the Cross and washed them away with his blood. How was he going to do that? As souls, we once opposed God and his order and left our homeland. This is something Jesus could not reverse. He couldn’t simply turn us back into the innocent children we once were. He couldn’t perform magic and simply change our inner attitudes. Of what use would it be to us, if our misdemeanours were taken from us, if they were simply erased without us recognising and rueing for them and above all, change ourselves? Jesus could not take over our efforts to change ourselves. We ourselves must do the work and change ourselves, to change ourselves towards goodness. The fact is that we are “outside” and the coming of Jesus could not change this. But because he has dwelled and suffered on Earth on our behalf, the spell has been broken: Lucifer may no longer (forcefully) retain us in his domain! The doors to our homeland are open to all that would like to go back! This is what we can rightly call salvation according to my insights. Every soul that expresses the wish, like the prodigal son, “I would like to go back” can now do so. The path has been cleared. We can thank the coming of