The Blue Notebooks - Volume 5: Messages from our Older Brothers

to its own kind. The SOUL ENTITIES that come from the ETHEREAL to inhabit a physical body, that tend to surround themselves with a physical body, also experience unrest and disarray, because they are constantly encumbered by the unrest their body’s atoms experience as they gain, in conjunction with planet Earth, a different rate of vibration. As everything has an interrelationship with everything else, it is incredibly difficult for the SOUL ENTITIES that know about these things, to recognise this transition period with the help of their power of thought and fulfil their assignments in spite of this, namely to help their still ignorant fellow human beings to gain clarity or to try to somewhat enlighten or even console those of lower vibrations when they cannot emerge from the darkness. 7 th of October 1963 – 8:30 am All the things you yearn for, strive for, build and create are only the things that are contained in the incorporeal WORLD of IDEAS and you try to recreated them in the physical, visible world based on your inner knowledge about this WORLD of IDEAS wherein the SPIRIT of the UNIVERSAL- ONE has deposited everything, ergo allowed to flow into everything conceivable. But realise the fact that these visible creations are only a mirror image of the ORIGINAL WORLD of IDEAS, that they are transient and only an expression of the SPIRITUAL, UNIVERSALLY EXISTENT and ETERNALLY EXISTENT. Realise that these physical reflections of ideas constantly change and decay and that you can indeed take the ideas back to the WORLD of SPIRIT, but not their materialisations. The visible atoms , held and maintained by the SPIRIT, serve the purpose of making SPIRITUAL things visible through lower vibrations out of sheer pleasure in creation as it were. The CREATIVE SPIRIT has been placed by eminent SPIRIT BEINGS into the human beings they created so that they can joyfully create things in the world of physical atoms from what the UNIVERSAL-ONE exhaled. 18 th of October 1963 – 8:30 am Once you have learned to conscientiously emerge yourselves within yourselves with the burning question: “Who am I?” you will reach a state of consciousness where you will recognise that people are ONE and thereby feel connected with everything that can be called “Man” . You will thereby be in a position to understand everyone, to know their thoughts and to clearly recognise their level of consciousness, to admire them and to see them as your equal or to help them to step one LEVEL higher. All knowledge and all wisdom is within you. All the love that constantly flows from the CENTRE of LOVE, from GOD, preserves you and everything that exists . Imagine this UNIVERSAL- POWER, this creative, preserving LOVE as often as you can. All exercises and practices only get in the way. The direct way is the one to your HEART-CENTRES, where everything you want to know and should know can be found. Those that have found their CENTRE and live from WITHIN – are alive! 2:30 pm We always advise you to master your feelings . Because only the observation of all things without the interference of the five senses and their reaction provides a true picture of everything that you can see. Nothing is good, nothing is evil, nothing is beautiful or ugly, everything simply is! Only