The Blue Notebooks - Volume 5: Messages from our Older Brothers

ONE and that you possess the POWER in your HEARTS to find happiness everywhere, with the sense of being allowed to resonate within the roundelay of revelations. Terrestrial human beings wanders everywhere looking for their happiness, for contentment in regards to how they see visible, audible and perceptible revelations, but their HEARTS always remain empty and they do not know that beauty, quietude and peace can only be found there . You can sympathise with and experience creation’s infiniteness and wonderfulness everywhere . You can search and wander through your planet your whole life without finding the CENTRE, the QUIESCENCE in your HEARTS. You will find the UNIVERSAL POWER you call GOD and you own selves only by going deep within yourselves . – We love you! 14th and 15th of September 1963 To be enthralled by one form of revelation makes no sense. You have the penchant to glorify or to trivialise all the things that you cannot explain, in order to envelop it with your emotions thereby rendering its true identity unrecognisable. You are still like children when it comes to thinking and acting, but it’s time to wake up and to make your thoughts independent from your emotions. Things show how they really are only without the influence of the utterances of what the human senses perceive, completely as what they actually represent. With the irradiation of your dazzling emotional influences you turn them into something whose true meaning, whose true form of appearance is totally enveloped and veiled . This is why a lot of things are inexplicable and mysterious to you. – Think about this! We can only talk to you with words , but if you listen to us you’ll find that a lot of you will soon SEE images, hear SOUNDS and feel the breath of truth, of infinity also. – But guard against all types of emotional outbursts . Talk as little as possible about things and events that impress you, try instead to understand them deep in your HEARTS – in silence . If you were to be quiet WITHIN yourselves, you would also actually know which ENTITIES are trying to correspond with your Earth, which ones have been connected to Earth and correspond with it since time immemorial and why they want to or have to do so. But only a completely relaxed human mind can recognise this clearly and succinctly. I can tell you that we are dealing with BEINGS and ENTITIES that care about planet Earth and the people that live on Earth. Some are pleased about the fact that they can help terrestrial mankind’s development – whilst others are happy to retard and to hinder mankind’s natural development. A lot of highly developed ENTITIES show no interest in your Earth whatsoever and to see one of their craft once in a while has no pertinence for you. They look at everything within their reach. 20 th of September 1963 The question of how every individual human being can have a happy and content incarnation on Earth is very difficult to answer. The humanity that presently exists on Earth has incarnated on a planet that is in the process of gradually emerging from the depths of solidness to becoming brighter, wider, lighter and more luminous. Everything visible develops from the INVISIBLE through the abatement of vibrations . The threshold of planet Earth’s slowest vibrations has been crossed and it begins to increase again. This is the reason why human beings that take the atoms for their own construction from the planet they incarnate on, experience great unrest , because their body, exactly like their home planet , emerges from the deepest of solidness and also begins to refine, to lighten and to shine, all according