The Blue Notebooks - Volume 5: Messages from our Older Brothers

Stick to simplicity and you will remain UNIFIED with GOD, the UNIVERSAL POWER, ergo the spiritual POWER that is everything and that no human mouth can explain, even though no human mouth would exist without him. Even though nothing visible or invisible could exist without this ONE SINGULAR CAUSE that you and we simply call “GOD”, ergo goodness, stick with the name “GOD”, think the name “GOD” and call the name “GOD” in your HEARTS. It is a sacred, healing name and you should not jolt and jiggle with it. His VIBRATION is wonderful and no other name could replace this name “GOD” here on Earth. The whole visible and invisible cosmos is one singular, enormous whole – and nothing exists that could separate itself from this whole. Be a ROCK in the ocean of upheaval. Be a LIGHT in the material darkness. Be a HEALER of self-inflicted wounds. Be LOVE – LOVE – LOVE – the cohesion between all worlds.