The Blue Notebooks - Volume 5: Messages from our Older Brothers

Look at every flower and understand what it wants to tell you. Look at the colourful, shining bouquet of words and images and hold it with your HEARTS so that it may regale and warm you, so that they may blossom far into the cosmoses. 8 th of September 1963 – 12:30 pm Many want to help their fellow men, but all of them are still in a physical body. Consider the burden they carry for others. Therefore forgive them when they cannot see the PURE DOCTRINE completely pure . Those amongst terrestrial human beings who mean well and who want to help their fellow men are strivers, lovers and blessed. – But those that abuse their knowledge in order to gain transient things for their body, punish themselves . Their knowledge, their wisdom and their love diminishes . Therefore my friends, forgive them twice over and love them trice and more, they need your love and ours for the sake of their confusion. Because not until the very last living soul swings within the cosmic dance of UNIVERSAL LOVE, will disharmony and DARKNESS disappear from the revealed existence called man. 9 th of September 1963 – 2:30 pm We constantly warn you: Don’t tie yourselves to anything! – Give, take, look at things and grasp things – but do not tie yourselves to anything. Everything within the revealed and non-revealed creation of the UNIVERSAL-ONE-CREATIVE-POWER flows . Everything is subjected to constant change and reformation, everything is a myriad-fold separating and re-joining in spite of the fact that everything comes from the same SOURCE and from the same POWER. When you tie yourselves in any shape or form, you interfere with this wonderful, eternal flow, you darken the eternally radiant LIGHT and you disperse the eternally swinging STREAMS of LOVE from the heart of the DEITY. Don’t tie yourselves to anything and to nobody. Love everyone and everything and you turn into a shining cell within the cosmic body called “Man” . But this doesn’t mean that you should forego your families, your situation, your job, your home and everything dear to you. You should bless your near and distance surroundings, your home, your families – bless and love them dearly without encumbering yourselves and those around you. Know that all of this only represents a short epoch, something you call “time”, a certain lifespan here on Earth that is only loaned to you in order for you to recognise more and more on the path towards the true revelation of the creature “Man” conceived by the UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE. 10 th of September 1963 – 8:30 am We are not interested in your volcanos. Thanks to our special instruments, we know the nature of the Earth inside and out. But we do have better, and sometimes excellent opportunities, to land in volcanic regions, but only for short periods of time. Our own possibilities have not been perfected by a long shot, we also work on innovations, improvements and alleviations. There is no standstill and there are no boundaries in the cosmos for the creature “Man” that any human beings could imagine. 13 th of September 1963 – 7 am It always depends on how you look at everything revealed and how you illuminate it with your INNER SUN, your INNER LIGHT. Once you have recognised the CAUSE of all revelations, you will also know that everything represents a reflection of the THOUGHTS of the UNIVERSAL-