The Blue Notebooks - Volume 3: Messages from our Older Brothers

10:30 am The ENTITY JESUS, who absolutely revealed and will reveal the CHRIST, the LIGHT, the FATHER’S LOVE and the UNIVERSAL DEITY, is and remains an ENTITY that shines over and guides your Earth, your system. The NAZARENE alone, who physically revealed himself not just as JESUS from NAZARETH – no, even before and over again , is your PATRON, your TEACHER and your great BENEVOLENT FRIEND. Nobody else! His disciples and pupils stand by his side, some under various names, some nameless. But it is his cosmic doctrine, his understanding of the DEITY, his RAYS of LOVE and also his sternness and discipline that constantly tries to have an effect on your forms as “cosmic human beings” and this with unimaginable patience, love and kindness. 8 th of December 1962 – 6 pm The GREAT LIGHT is so mighty that all weakness will dissolve in it. Therefore forget about your trivialities and prepare yourselves so that you can bear the GREAT LIGHT. 13 th of December 1962 – 11 am The more you comprehend that creation is one singular, large whole, the greater the responsibility you have to burden yourselves with, because you will then also have recognised your function within this one singular large whole – what you are and what you are capable of . Think about this! – Because everything, all wisdom and all knowledge is in you . 3 rd Advent 1962 (Sunday) Those that cannot comprehend and know the universal causality in its full extent should remain silent about everything until the cosmic UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS has been awakened within them and they know the CAUSES of all causes deep in their HEARTS. Intelligently gifted beings can only assess everything as it really is with this conscious knowledge, everything revealed will otherwise only be assessed - according to an individual’s level of enlightenment – as it seems . This is where the diversity of versions of views and of causes of all of life’s revelations come from. Only once everything ostensible has been thought out of existence with unshakable concentration, can the truly existing be recognised and comprehended by the intellect. Those that have reached these heights of pure cognizance will never ask again. They know! – Everything is within you, because you are from GOD and through GOD and as everything is GOD, the capability of recognising the CAUSE of all causes is also within you and projectable to the outside. You can therefore consciously and knowingly reveal your CHILD-FATHER relationship with GOD by shining your LIGHT over all living things that are still unaware of his great CAUSE – of GOD – and therefore seem ungodly. 19 th of December 1962 – 10:30 pm When somebody stands on the mountain of truth and loudly and lovingly proclaims the truth, everybody can hear him. And those that do not understand him, deride him and throw stones at him, will not reach him up there and they will not be able to interfere with his eminent mission, their derision and the stones of their stupidity will fall on their own heads. – But when somebody does not stand on the apogee of the truth and tries to spread his views amongst his peers, their derision and their stones will tear him apart and every word will be a useless word.