The Blue Notebooks - Volume 3: Messages from our Older Brothers

and love, how you should behave to maintain or re-establish harmony, peace and cheerfulness, unity and love. When the CLAIRVOYANT and the CLAIRAUDIENT amongst you immediately attack the things you see and hear with you five senses, you lack wisdom and love and more disharmony will result from this. – Be wise! 27 th of November 1962 Be constantly aware that you think of tomorrow . You, as awakened human beings, bear a great responsibility, because you are the constructors of tomorrow’s expressions of life. Have this constantly in mind and send all ungodly thoughts back into nothingness , back to the dull nebulous formations from whence they came. Become LIGHT, shining, laughing, singing and radiating far into the cosmoses. – Think about this! There is no sense in having one’s head in the clouds and to turn one’s thoughts and one’s gaze away from everything that takes place. But an uninvolved observation of everything that happens and action, re-thinking and learning from conceived mistakes is what’s of importance these days. The ENERGY, the POWER and the LIGHT are within you. We love you and we want to help you. 28 th of November 1962 – 8:20 am The exhaled CREATIVE POWER and vitalising AETHER – found everywhere – contains everything that can possibly reveal itself, solidify itself and transform itself into lower, visible or INVISIBLE vibrations. Now you, HIS creatures CONCEIVED by HIM, are endowed with his MIGHT through the POWER of your thoughts. Now everything you create with your thoughts is engraved in this all-encompassing AETHER and it begins to form – in order to materialise according to the intensity of your thoughts. This is why we remind you over again to apply your precious gift in such a way that nothing develops through your thoughts that can then be utilised against your own life’s revelation. – All of this is primitively expressed, but try to understand it in spite of this. When you act according to the instructions by JESUS that sound “too simple” to you, higher wisdoms will automatically be revealed to you, one thing will flow from another. Now that you have started to learn to use your intellect, you must make an effort . Your intellect should grasp and utilise everything that can be grasped and created with the love in your HEARTS. Human beings were conceived to be like this! 29 th of November 1962 – 12:45 pm Do not allow yourselves to be duped by false prophets . They will besiege you with wondrous phenomena, they will conjure up a phantasmagoria of magic that will always astonish you. BEINGS of DARKNESS will utilise all available POWER to prevent the breakthrough towards the LIGHT. Times have never been so charged with expectations as in the phase your solar system is traversing through. But the POWER of LIGHT you are being guided into by your sun according to ancient ways, requires human beings with alert senses and an ardent HEART that can guarantee the continuity of the revelation called “Man” towards a higher form of revelation, into a higher consciousness… (Transmission interrupted)