Strangers visit the United Nations

‘History is on our side’ the Russian called out. ‘Might is on our side!’ ‘Might has always been on the march and justice has always been treaded upon’, said the STRANGER. ‘But the future continues to rise from the dust. Justice lives on in the hearts and the minds of people well after might has been buried in the graves it created for itself.’ He then looked at the Russian with piercing eyes until the stocky fellow began to sweat and to feel restless. ‘Whatever is wrong for one human being to do to another is equally wrong for one nation to do to another’, the STRANGER explained. ‘The deeds of a nation now lie squarely on your shoulders. You can no longer unload your conscience on Lenin or Stalin. You have taken the responsibility into your own hands. Let me tell you something: It is better to suffer an injustice than to cause one, it is better to feel pain than to cause pain to others.’ The STRANGER smiled his lovable smile. The Russian looked at his watch with a sinister look on his face and lurched away followed by his lackies. The STRANGER looked at his departure without saying a word. He then slowly walked from the foyer to the meditation room, where everybody, of every denomination, could pray. His face seemed to be even sadder and his shoulders were slumped. His hand had a well-used Bible in its grasp. The guard waited outside the meditation room. A few minutes passed and the STRANGER had still not emerged. The guard open the door slightly to look inside. The room was empty! The only evidence that the STRANGER had been there was his Bible. It was on a chair and it was open, it showed John, Chapter 10. The guards felt drawn towards it and his gaze locked on to Verses 14 – 16: ‘I am the good shepherd… I know my sheep and they know me and I am willing to die for them. There are other sheep which belong to me but they are not in this sheep pen. I must bring them too; they will listen to my voice …’ Illustrative depiction of the STRANGER with Khrushchev. . From: "UN" Nr. 58, June 1961