Strangers visit the United Nations

The following report came from New Jersey: ‘Dear Mr. Schmidt, I heard the strange radio broadcast about a mysterious visitor to the United Nations and this here in New Jersey. It was the evening of Christmas Eve. My husband and me sat in the living room and we listened to Christmas carols. For no particular reason I asked my husband: ‘What station are we actually listening to?’ ‘I do believe that it is WOR’ my husband answered. Suddenly, at 7:37, we heard a deep melodious voice talk in a way that asked the listeners to choose between believing what was subsequently said or not. The voice had a resonance that fascinated me. I did unfortunately not have a pencil at hand. The voice proceed to report about a session of the United Nations – about an ‘important conference’. Once the delegates had assembled around the large table, a STRANGER was suddenly seen in the assembly hall. Everyone was astonished that a STRANGER had managed to enter through one of the very tightly guarded doors. But one eventually got used to the presence of the STRANGER. The mood amongst the delegates was a peaceful one. A discussion about the situation the world was in took place. The STRANGER listened to what the delegates had to say. After all the delegates had their say, the STRANGER entered the conversation and strange as it may seem, everybody calmly listened to him. The visitor talked to every delegate. He said to the Russian delegate Wischinsky: ‘The axe has already been placed at the roots of the tree.’ Smiling benevolently, Wischinsky replied to this comment by asking half mockingly: ‘Do you mean the roots of the Soviet Union?’ The STRANGER affirmed this by nodding his head. He then proceeded by looking at every delegate individually and then declared: ‘I cannot find one single righteous person amongst all of you.’ The visitor wore a costume that was common in antiquity in the orient. He also wore sandals. Somebody wanted to get closer to this figure, but it suddenly disappeared without leaving a trace. The guards at the doors were asked whether they had seen anyone walking through the doors. All of them said no.’ A reader in Milwaukee investigated the whole affair more thoroughly. She had sent a copy of the February issue of the ‘Spiritual Life’ to a specific mission that entertained contact with the United Nations. She received the following answer: “Dear Mrs. …, we thank you for your letter from the 5th of February and for the issue of the German journal ‘Geistiges Leben’. As the gentleman who usually deals with such things is presently in India, I decided to answer you myself. After I had read the article in the journal, I immediately called the United Nations to asked them to do some research in regards to this event. The answer was that the guards at the doors of the assembly hall believed that this man had simply crept into the assembly hall. They said that this happens quite often when somebody wants to personally talk to one of the delegates. The man in question had simply been expelled from the hall and then let go.! There was nothing mysterious about this case according to the guards. Sincerely F. J. R. technical adviser.’” Taken from the “UFO-Nachrichten”, Issue 10, July 1957.