Strangers visit the United Nations

1. Report by the editor F. Schmidt The letter from the reader from Central-California reached us in 1950 and the gist of it is: “Dear Mr. Schmidt, my wife and me are still extremely bewildered about a radio broadcast by the Radio Station KHJ that we heard by chance at 8pm on Christmas Eve. We had left the radio on in the hope to hear more Christmas carols. But a voice suddenly appeared instead, it reported about a very specific session of the United Nations at Lake Success, N. Y.. This report didn’t seem to be a direct news report but rather an entertainment segment that had been slotted into the current radio program. The radio announcer reported: At a specific session of the United Nations, a man was suddenly noticed in the assembly hall wearing a dark suit, his hands looked like the hands of a labourer, tradesman or farmer. Nobody had observed the man entering the assembly hall. He was suddenly there, something that astonished everyone, because the entrances to the hall were usually closely guarded by the police. The delegates however seemed to have simply resigned to the fact that this man was present. A certain content and peaceful mood seemed to permeate the scene to a degree that the unknown man could even approach the Russian delegate Wischinsky. The following words were heard: ‘The axe has already been placed at the roots of the tree for the guilty party.’ The delegate Wischinsky entered the conversation with the stranger in good humour by asking: ‘Do you mean Russia?’ Whereby the strange man nodded. The radio announcer further reported that the strange man also talked to other delegates, but that one didn’t hear from the position the man was who reported the incident to the guy who announced this incident over the radio. This much could still be heard, namely that the strange interloper into the assembly hall called out to the delegates: ‘Why do you turn your plows into swords once again?’ The one that had heard all of this wanted to quickly approach the unknown stranger, but before he could reach him the unknown guest had disappeared without a trace. No trace of him was found outside the building either. He was and remained elusive. Some of the readers of the ‘Spiritual Life’ here in California might have accidentally also listened to this radio report and they could give me their interpretation of it.’ This strange radio report on Christmas Eve about an incident at the United Nations, the ‘Spiritual Life’ reported about in their belated February issue, late because of strikes, was also heard by other readers. Here is a communication from Arcadia, California: ‘Dear Mr. Schmidt, in your February issue you ask for information in regards to a radio broadcast by the radio station KHJ. I didn’t hear the broadcast myself, but I went to an evening lecture in Los Angeles where a speaker mentioned the event the way you reported it in ‘Spiritual Life’. Something must certainly be right about this incident. But why do the papers keep completely quiet about this incident?’ Another letter from Los Angeles: ‘Dear spiritual siblings, we heard the exact same on the radio on Christmas Eve as you describe it in your February issue. We wanted to hear more Christmas carols and this is why we switched on the radio. The news and the voice sounded as if dear God spoke himself and if he wanted to give one last warning.’