Spiritually assisting the dying

3 everything. That the dying attain peace is very important indeed. Peace with themselves and their terrestrial life! If they still have feelings of guilt one should, as an assistant to the dying, say that they have done everything as best as they could at the time. The situation, when it arose, could not have been resolved better. More is not demanded from us as human beings who live within the duality of the third dimension, namely that we always do the best we can. If we should realise later that we have made mistakes, we can always ask the person involved for forgiveness – and this also applies to the souls that have gone before us. Even this can be rectified! What is important is that people can leave feeling: I have given my best. As their assistants we have to boost this feeling within them, for instance with words like: “You have looked after yourself, your family and your job as best as you could. You have done well!” – It is important to mention everything that depresses the dying. If they could for instance not make peace with a specific person, the one giving assistance can, if the consent is given, arrange for that person to visit the dying person, so that this person feels: I have made peace. Everything has been resolved between us. I can now go. Only then will they have made peace, with their terrestrial existence and with other people… If people depart this world with ill will in their heart they will be engaged with the past to such a degree that they will not be able to see their helping angels during their dying process; this is a spiritual blindness caused by strong physical attachments and it will detain the dying on the physical plane of existence. The soul could, depending on temperament and character, even turn into a ghost . What is very important for the dying that cannot let go is to deal with their problems and to discuss individual points with them, but it is also important to mention the beings of light that are waiting, prepared to collect them. To resolve these problems is also part and parcel of spiritually assisting the dying. I will give some examples of how souls can be certainly be reached during and also after the dying process in order to motivate them to let go of the terrestrial sphere of existence so they can return to their ethereal homeland. Every human being becomes clairvoyant during the dying phase , when the soul begins to separate from its physical shell. The eyes of the astral body taken on the function of seeing more and more, whilst the physical eyes, being designed for the third dimension only, gradually arrest their function; this is a moving transition that can be consciously experienced. The dying look into the realm of the spirit and they recognise with great astonishment and joy that the relatives that have gone before them and other light entities want to fetch them. Those that assist the dying can however not always see them. It depends on whether they are prepared to participate in this process. If this is so, their spiritual eyes will be opened for them. Every angel respects people’s free will, their God-given birthright. The following question is naturally asked: To what degree do we believe in this? – Angels have become “modern” 1 in the meantime. A lot of people sense, hope or believe that angels exist. Whether we call these beings of light “angels”, “spiritual companions”, “spirit guides” or “spirit teachers” is basically unimportant. Angels are with every human being from the day they are born! And if we know beyond that that we can approach these eminent beings, that they also help the dying and that we can tell them and ask them for anything that is dear to our heart, they gladly do everything they can if it within people’s scheme of things. People must however take the first step ! Because they actually want something from them . As I mentioned: The God-given birthright of human beings, their free will, is as far as beings of light is concerned, untouchable and it is also respected when people do not want anything to do with angels. 1 Just about every second person in Germany believes in guardian angels. This was established in 2016 after an extensive survey by the Opinion Research Institute “YouGov” on behalf of the “German-Press-Agency”.