Spiritually assisting the dying

2 have gained the liberating insight that dying is not the final tragedy will we be able to help the dying so that they can undertake the transition to another dimension free of fear and in peace and experience it as consciously as possible . Through the help they receive from spiritual assistance they can let go of their terrestrial existence in peace and open themselves up to a life in another dimension. Even if the acceptance of the event takes place hours or minutes prior to the transition, it still has an enormous effect. To believe that the human soul no longer perceives what goes on in its immediate surroundings is a mistake ! Human beings are basically speaking spirit beings . This is not being taken into consideration in most cases! In order to be able to collect physical life-experiences at all and to pursue our individual life’s work, we as spirit beings temporarily use the physical body our parents provided us with. Our spiritual components , ergo the soul that we are after all, is equipped with a consciousness. This is why the soul always notices everything that goes on around it, even when its physical body is no longer functional. To make this clear to you is my main concern this evening. When we learn to finally accept that the human soul remain addressable even after death and when we know beyond that, that the day this dimensional transition takes place is what we call Judgment Day when the human soul is “born back” into the world it originally came from, we have made a large step forward. To remember this is very important, because a lot of dying people have by no means concluded their terrestrial life. This makes them earthbound and they find it difficult to leave this world behind. The question is: What are the things that makes it difficult for a dying person to let go of the physical plane of existence? It is the following points and they are a part of the general assistance given to the dying: • Fear of the unknown. (What is happening to me?) • Feelings of guilt towards other people. (Hurting one another, unkindnesses, disregard) • Having made mistakes. (Of a private and professional nature) • Feelings of regret. (Of not having made the most out of life, to have missed out, to have made the wrong decisions etc.) • Of not being at peace. (With themselves and with other people) • Worries. (About physical possessions and relatives) • Clinging to terrestrial life. (Wanting to experience a lot more) • “Mentally” retained. (Produced by excessively mourning relatives) The list above shows the things that make it so difficult for the dying to relinquish their body and their mundane existence and to change over to the other world. These people are not at ease with