Spiritually assisting the dying

19 I never talked about my spiritual experiences in the past. But when my family discovered my spiritual activities one day, some member of my family became filled with fear . Ever since this has become known, two of my sisters do not want anything to do with me anymore. One also has to be prepared to make such sacrifices. I have reconciled with this situation in the meantime. Ever since I got through this, I find that I don’t care what people think of me. This is why I am able to lecture in public about this these days. Those that dismiss it in spite of this or allegedly have no time to deal with questions about the hereafter, will have an eternity to remedy this! I thank you heartily for attending and I would like to close with the words from Ernesto Cardenal Martinez a Catholic priest and one of the most important poets of Nicaragua: Our life is not short, but eternal . It is not death that awaits us, But timeless eternity . We were not born to die, but to live – live eternally ! Let’s not bemoan the fleetingness of time; Life does indeed not stop – only time stops , And eternity then follows, An everlasting presence , Without future and past, without end – A life in an eternal presence. I thank you once again for your interest! All the best and a save journey home. * * * * * * * Epilogue The realm of the spirit does not provide us with evidence and insights on demand , but as “remuneration” for one’s willingness to believe and genuinely search for the truth. Through her unshakable faith and her absolute loyalty to spiritual work, Therése Schwär furnished the prerequisites for her special psychic training through eminent beings of light from the realm of the spirit. Those that want to familiarised themselves with the realm of the spirit are exposed to many “tests” that must be “endured” and they must continue to tread the chosen path unperturbed in spite of this. It is the immortal spirit that connects us all and that reveals the truth. Truth remains the truth, eternal in its affability, eternal in its character of love and reality.