- 5 - “Is this all?” asked the deceased and seeking help, he clung to the angel’s garment. “This is all there is”, said the angel. “Do your sciences not teach you that God, retribution and life after death does not exist?” “I must go now” “Remain in your paradise.” The deceased remained in his paradise and confronted it hour after hour, day after day and year after year. The time spent cannot be measured, at least not scientifically and that is the only thing that counts, isn’t that so? An old song from seemingly far away could be heard, faintly and gradually ebbing away”: How will it be, how will it be, when I enter Salem, the city with the golden alleys? This song might have a meaning after all, mustn’t all of us die one day? But who thinks about this in the age of enlightened European science? The newspapers published columns of obituaries about the great, famous researcher and scholar, his excellency “The right honourable Medical Councillor”, whose demise represented an enormous loss to the sciences, whose name would remain engraved on one of the glory sheets within mankind’s history for all times, a glorious sign of our progressive culture and a monument for future generations, as all the best of us were in the past. Honour this great deceased person! Yes, they do take a rest from working and their works follow them wherever they go. Bad Salzuflen, May 2001