- 2 - after us, because his name will forever shine in golden letters on the marble tablets of human culture. I can only cite a few examples of the profusion of his spirit in this grave and solemn moment, only hint at how he sedulously amassed evidence after evidence through myriads of experiments with animal. The untold perspectives these completely new medical facts opened up for suffering mankind and the sciences cannot be fathomed. All we can do is to try to emulate this eminent researcher who has shown us the way, and we and the admiring academic youth should laud his ashes, continue and expand upon his life’s work, because he was leading us towards true humanity, this will benefit European science and honour our Fatherland. We can gratefully ascertain that our deceased colleague didn’t miss out on great accolades, honourable signs of homage have come his way from the highest authorities.” All eyes looked with astonishment at the velvet cushion with the medals that weight a few pounds. “Well, shortly before his death he was pleased to have been appointed “Privy Medical Councillor” with the title of excellence, an honour that our whole college shared with him. No matter how great his fame was, his renown will be even greater for all times, and we, who are morning him, will not begrudge him his rest from his work, so that he can go strolling on the Asphodelus Meadow in company of the great spirits of the past, a position his works have elevated him to and I will use the words of the previous spiritual speaker: They rest in their work and their works follow them wherever they go!” All were filled with devotion, partially because of the European sciences and partially because of the “Title of Excellence”. The Rector Magnificus had however disregarded a little trifle, namely that the European sciences regard the Asphodelus Meadow a fable and that they assert that the great spirits of the past have dissolved into chemical substances. But these are mere bagatelles and it is the prerogative of today’s customary education to use a Greek word for something one no longer contemplates these days. Oh my God, where would one end up in today’s civilisation and the European sciences, if one were prepared to contemplate these things at all! The representative of the nation declared that the deceased had been a pillar of modern polity and a representative of the city stated that the magistrate had unanimously decided to name a street in town in honour of the great man. The Church choir sang a song, it was an old song from the past, other people with other convictions had written this song and it sounded strange after today’s resounding words. It quietly and supernaturally echoed through the room as if sung by alien voices: “How will it be, how will it be, when I enter Salem, the city with the golden alleys?” The coffin was then lowered into the grave.