Greetings from GILBERT

- 9 - 5th Letter 14th of March 1993 God’s reality and the warning of the deluge Dear people, it is customary for you to engage in intellectual speculations about God and the world. It is good form to introduce esoteric knowledge into a discussion or to talk about one’s own, deep seated, but vague religious feelings. But there is something that one doesn’t take into account and that is the fact that God in his almightiness is a tangible reality. He is sometimes forced to take measures like a “Day X”. This is how he averts damage, secures the harmony within the cosmos and makes further development possible. This infinite God is never a punishing Lord, but in his goodness forever and ever. The measures that are being talked about are not punishing or revenge actions in accordance with God’s image in the Old Testament, they are a required reaction after taking the overall vibrations and harmony into account. The cleansing measures on Earth, your planet, is therefore not a punishment, but a necessary step towards renewal. A wound can only close once the pus has flown and the cleansing has been accomplished. The end of the “old world” stands as an alternative path in the divine plan and can happen, if the development towards an inferno progresses further. Raise your hands and pray for mercy, it is necessary! In your holy scriptures, the Bible, you read about Noah who warned his fellow men about a catastrophe that would flood the people on the planet under water if the constant intransigence continued. We all know what happened. The flood came and all life was destroyed. Noah carried the seed of renewal on his boat. This comprehensible image, this story recounts a situation that the Earth and its inhabitant found themselves in once before. It warns you now, in the 20th century, from becoming repeat offenders. Do not repeat your scepticism, ignorance, narrow-mindedness and misconceptions! Open up to the positive, luminous vibrations! Open up to your spiritual helpers! The deluge born from hatred, might, destruction, greed, desperation, misery and annihilation might still be arrested. We Beings of Light, God’s servants with a special connection to Earth and with you, pray constantly for your personal reversal and change. Do not have us pray in vain, hear our sound with your hearts, experience our love and – do not forget about your happiness: Think of yourself, your family and of those that will follow. Help to avert the catastrophe! We, the Messengers of Light, ask for your help. God’s eyes, ears and heart is everywhere, - He will hear you! * * * 6th Letter 21st of March 1993 Help for Earth We Beings of Light who stand in the service of the overall vibrations and who make our contribution so that the necessary harmony is not disturbed, respectively maintained, have been endeavouring for millennia to establish an equilibrium between planet Earth’s energetic body and the overall vibrations. The responsible forces have repeatedly tried with great effort to effect a fundamental change through a particularly powerful energy influx. The infinite assignment of our eminent Lord Jesus Christ, who penetrates God’s worlds with his power of love, is for instance apparent through the example of the so-called “outpouring of the Holy Spirit”. This was an earthmoving event that was connected to an immense influx of energy into the Earth’s energy field. Another attempt to heighten the Earth’s vibrations through a blast of energy took place on the 11th of January