Greetings from GILBERT

- 8 - Glory to God on high! These planned cleansing process and its associated training and development measures for people make an improvement of the Earth’s overall vibrations possible and it will have a soothing effect on the whole cosmos. The new human beings will be happy and the community on Earth will live without wars, violence, hatred, greed and vileness. God’s stars in the sky will shine over this gift. * * * 4th Letter 7th of March 1993 The fate of those left behind We from the higher regions take an intimate interest in everything that takes place on Earth. Our assignment is varied and full of responsibilities and our love for people is great. Those that have to remain on Earth and are doomed to perish without our protection and without our guidance will experience a “Day X”. Those souls, or rather: The people that are refused entry to the rescuing ships of the Santiner because they lack the required level of vibration, will consciously experience the demise of human civilisation and feel as if they were on a sinking ship. This terrible feeling of loneliness and helplessness combined with all sorts of terrible experiences will define their life to the bitter end. They will vanish in desperation and mother nature will breathe a sigh of relief once the last of the “old” human beings leave their bodies behind. Suffering nature and creatures and all associated beings will then be able to lift their head in freedom and look for ways of recovery. Glory to God on high! – He finds no pleasure in his people! God’s grief over these, his people, these not turned out well cells of his holy existence, is great, is infinite – the thus freed planet brings new harmonious vibrations for all worlds. The task of our Messengers from the higher spheres will now continue. The souls, the “abandoned” ones, that will end their life in this final, dramatic fashion, will be welcomed by us. Out of God’s singular kindness, they will be once again offered the chance to be instructed, to learn from their own mistakes and to gain insights. After some intensive schooling, they have the opportunity to once again, purified, to incarnate on the happy planet Earth in order to walk the path towards the Light. A harmonious community of nations, inhabiting the Earth according to God’s laws, will accept and integrate these incarnating souls. Souls that oppose schooling or simply do not have the capacity to accept indoctrinations, will be forced to incarnate on planets that correspond to their very low vibration. This is not a retrograde step, rather a standstill from whence the souls have to arduously develop from. But there are also souls that do not find their way to the luminous levels after they have left their body after its demise. They virtually get stuck in intermediate worlds or are being arrested there on purpose. Rescue actions for them are already planned and they are connected to a very high level of energy expenditure, they are necessary in order to bring the whole terrestrial sphere into a pure atmosphere. The new community on Earth will get a good chance for developing in peace and love in this way. Peace and love for all of God’s world is the catchphrase. This is what we, God’s Messengers of Light, God’s servants are working on.