Greetings from GILBERT

- 7 - They will probably equate “Day X” with “Judgment Day”. The authors of the Bible have incorrectly interpreted the information about “Day X”. Their “Judgment Day” represents a final decision whose judgments can no longer be changed and they represent an eternal finality. From within God’s singular kindness, “Day X” represents a station of their soul’s development for all involved, the rescued or those left behind. The chance of insight and its associated further development remains for all, only the path to there are blatantly different. It is a harmonious continuing progress on their path to the Light for some, whilst it is a painful, thorny path out of the darkness for others. We, God’s servants, will confront this “Day X” with “tied” hands and with desperation, because this action will relieve us from our actual task, namely being helpers of mankind on your planet. If it should come to this, we will have to watch how planet Earth is crushed by the oppressive, negative energy concentration from the front line. We will then no longer be able to help. God’s ways are wonderful and just. * * * 3rd Letter 28th of February 1993 The tasks of Messengers of Light What tasks remain for us, the eminent Lord’s Messengers of Light, when we are relieved of our actual tasks? The Messengers of Light that are connected to Earth will continue to work for your planet, but in a different way. We will welcome and look after the souls that were promoted to a higher sphere. Preparations are presently made in order to be prepared for the eventuality and to be fair to those that deserve such a rescue due to their love. These rescued souls, those that were allowed to escape the catastrophe, the collapsing Earth, will be lovingly provided for. These souls basically experience beforehand what will actually happen to them after they leave their body, ergo after their death as they say, but without having to leave the body permanently. They have the opportunity of participating in various training sessions and even learn the divine legalities in a virtual fast track procedure, they will also experience an expansion of their consciousness that will stay with them when they return to the cleansed Earth. They will be imbued with love and peace. The bodies of the rescued people will be placed in a kind of deep sleep and as it were “refurbished”. Through prudent treatment, they will be brought to a better, more harmonious state. But as the rescue operation only means “death-like” and certainly not “death”, the rescued souls must return to Earth in order to fulfil their life’s fate. After absolving the training program, they return to Earth in their original, healthy embodiment and a new earth community will eventuate. In order to make this actually happen, the planet will welcome these new people in a pure state, created by its own natural forces. After the terrible end that decontaminated and cleansed the Earth, a new, healthy atmosphere will develop on your planet, the astral belt will have changed, a new beginning is imminent. Peace and harmony are the highest priority in regards to all behaviour, after all that training, people hold sway over heightened psychic powers and they will feel as a part of the overall vibrations that include minerals, plants and the animal kingdom. A world will finally develop on Earth wherein all life has its right, where all life is accepted and respected and where it lives according to its existential task. A humane, ecologically balanced environment will provide optimal space for all life forms, nobody is excluded, all is one and one is all.