Greetings from GILBERT

- 6 - 2nd Letter 21st of February 1993 The rescue measures of the Santiner As one of God’s Messengers of Light, I have taken on the assignment to give you information about the rescue mission of the Santiner. It was established long ago that a multitude of incarnated people on your planet will leave before the collapse if our combined rescue efforts should be unsuccessful. An evacuation of huge proportions will then be initiated, made possible through the provision of innumerable spaceships by the Santiner. As we already know from our extrapolations, this evacuation will only concern about 37 million people on your planet, a vanishingly low portion of the Earth’s population. The question now arises: What happens to the large, remaining rest? The unfortunate fact is that a predominant part of mankind is characterised by negative factors and accordingly developed their own vibrations. These people will, if they do not turn towards the positive, not be able to adapt vibrationally in such a way that they will be able to enter the rescue spaceships of the Santiner without risks. This means that the people left behind will be exposed to the chaos with no ifs and buts, something they mostly bear of the responsibility themselves. At countless points on the planet, every human being and every nation was and is examined and observed to determine the level of the spiritual development. On hand of these meticulous, lengthy observations, a potential number has been determined that concern a small percentage of mankind, but that certainly corresponds with the facts. The thus selected people have reached a level of maturity through their behaviourism in past lives and their present life that allows them access to somewhat higher planes of vibration that makes it possible to synchronise their rate of frequency to that of the evacuation ships of the Santiner. It is important to mention that the people that are developed to such a degree will prove through their maturity that they are worthy of being rescued, that they are virtually chosen through this. They are certainly not “God’s chosen ones” or something similar, we are dealing with completely normal people that did not allow their life to be dominated by hatred, avarice, power, envy and greed. The Santiner’s rescue ships will probably, should “ Day X” become a reality, materialise everywhere on Earth during the first decades of the next millennia and be visible and recognisable to all and sundry. We are dealing with shining, pulsating blue spheres with a girth of 10m to 12m. Their capacity is a maximum of 8 people, animals can unfortunately not be taken. The people that are prepared to approach such a sphere will be of a higher vibration and this will strengthen their courage and preparedness. They will be able to enter the alien energy field through the opening in the wall without being in danger and they will thus be rescued. Once a sphere is “occupied” another one will make itself available next to it. But if a person wants to enter a sphere impelled by his or her negative energy and that person is not prepared due to its life’s documentation, the energy field of the spaceship will reject it. It will unfortunately not be able to enter, even if it should come to its senses later against all expectations. It must remain on Earth and suffer its fate. You can imagine the difficult conflict situations and tragic separations that will take place on “Day X”. The appearance of the rescue spheres will surely bring back the memory of the materialisations of the Santiner at the turn of the century and one will once again become conscious of the admonishing words and appeals, like for instance also these letters from the Spheres of Light. A terrible panic will ensue whose end can only be ultimate chaos.