Greetings from GILBERT

- 10 - 1992. A special day for Earth that was perceived by various groups, but whose pertinence was only caught by a few. On the 11th of January 1992, the Earth’s energy field received an enormous stream of positive energy, or we could also say: Light and love flowed to an unimaginable degree over the planet. This action required an enormous organisation within the heavenly spheres, but no effort was too great for us to achieve a change of consciousness within mankind. This measure had indeed the required effect, namely that the overall vibrational frequency was elevated through this extreme intervention. This extreme energy influx “from above”, ergo from the heavenly spheres, already possessed a heightened vibration and it propelled the whole energy garment of the Earth into a more exacting frequency. People’s own vibrations cannot achieve this sudden increase immediately. It is however possible for mankind to maintain this frequency of vibration through a life characterised by love. But this vibration is unfortunately beginning to wane, because it is not maintained from within the hearts of people, that is to say, it cannot be maintained on this heighten rate of frequency. This deplorable fact triggers an alarm with us and it amplifies our endeavours. These endeavours can however only succeed if you, my revered readers, open up to these positive energies. What does this mean: To open up to positive energies? We Messengers of Light assume that these days, a high percentage of you believe in the existence of “angels” or some similar positive, but nameless entities. Associations like light, love, protection, trust, God’s messengers and similar notions are tied to the concept of “angels”. When you allow these concepts as action to flow into your life or when you connect to your personal angel by simply saying: “You are my angel, I am open to your guidance”, you will have opened up to positive energies and together, we will have made an important step forward. Be assured that each human being and this includes you, has such a personal angel that would dearly like to stand by you with advice and action. The angel can do this particularly effective if you open up to its guidance and help. The close relationship between you and your what you might call: Guardian Angel or Patron Saint, could be the basis for a fundamental change of the general vibration. The more often you connect with your angel, the easier it is for the frequency of vibration to amplify thereby also affecting the overall vibration. Simply try to do something positive with your consciousness because this is what we do in God’s luminous worlds: Every human beings would rather do something good than something bad. This conviction is our chance to build our actions upon. * * * 7th Letter 28th of March 1993 Human beings do not live alone in the Cosmos We from the heavenly spheres sense how the smallest change of vibration on Earth has an effect on the whole cosmos. It is however unfortunate that these are usually negative vibrations, waves of hatred and violence, dark, bundled energy that are flung out into the cosmos and spread there like a poison. This is extremely unpleasant or even damaging for the population of other planets. Without knowing the reason, they suddenly feel unwell or the temperature of creatures living in water increases for instance. As already mentioned, there are innumerable, inhabited planets in God’s universe and some of the entities there have a high level of consciousness. God’s creation urges for optimum form and it is therefore logical that the populations on inhabited planets manifested themselves in a form that guarantees an optimal assimilation to external living conditions. There are for instance intelligent, ethically highly developed creatures in a form of existence that allows them to experience a maximal quality of life in a medium that is close to what we call water here on Earth. There are God’s humanoid creatures on another planet that, similar to the animals of the steppes here on Earth, live in large groups on the flat, unwooded plains of their continents