Genesis of the world, its development and function

- 2 - Summary: GOD is an intelligent, SPACELESS FORCE, the LOGOS, an intangible entity, enclosing and permeating everything that exists, the CONSCIOUSNESS of all of nature within the universe. GOD isn’t a person in the sense of a human being. GOD does not have a body and this is why he can perceive everything. An unimaginable ENERGY with an enormous CONSCIOUSNESS, working with the whole cosmos from the foundation of experience and memory. GOD’S CONSCIOUSNESS is invisible , the way it is also invisible with human beings, and it only makes an appearance through its activity , similar to the human consciousness but unimaginably more enormous and comprehensive, because it contains the knowledge and the overall experiences of eons. Beginning of creation Construction of the Realm of the Spirit GOD experimented with frequency and he began to vary it between 0 and ∞. The CREATOR collected experiences from this. Experience effects further development . The CREATOR experimented alone because no other living creature existed beside him. There was nobody there to show his successes to, respectively share them with. GOD then began to activate some of his infinite numbers of states of energy ( + ) and passive ( - ) Energy so they would separate and individualise themselves. These were the first souls, endowed with GOD self-same FORCES, but at a considerable reduced scope. Each of these «young» souls is equipped (From an energetic point of view) with their own free will, their own creative power (Intellect) and their own thought cosmos (Consciousness), all at the same level. None of them possesses a higher level of energy than the others. All are akin to their CREATOR, but still not equal! As GOD himself exists of disembodied energy, the souls he created are also disembodied. Exercising their free will, these "young" souls wanted and ought to help with the further development of creation and create their own creations under GOD’S guidance. All young souls had a free hand up to the constructive direction specification of evolution (Fat arrow). An evolution funnel opening upwards came into being (Shown without a confusing frame) with an infinite number of possibilities of directions of construction , developments and freedom. Thought cosmos = Intellect + Consciousness GOD therefore also developed further. Independent states = souls = in GOD’S image .