Genesis of the world, its development and function

- 16 - changes and falsification to cope with these aberrations. Due to these actualities, the translations and interpretations accordingly turn out defective even if they seem to be true copies! Concepts like "GOD" and peace are inseparably linked together. There is no peace without GOD! There is also no peace with false ideas about GOD! Interpretations depend on the mental level of development of the interpreter and human logic has absolutely nothing to do with divine LOGIC! Of decisive importance for a universal religion on Earth are authentic additions to the only fragmentary divine truths and an adjustment of the interpretations. Once this has happened, the endeavours to harmonise politics and religion will actually become an alternative to armament and war. The required New Revelations are available and they surpass terrestrial thought processes in every respect. A community consisting of all human beings is possible if it is recognised that every human being developed from the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT GOD as a spiritual being, virtually as an original, and that they can only occupy one singular position within the cosmos, namely their inconvertible own. Social justice guarantees this, because when one individual and no other occupies a place, another individual finds it impossible to take somebody else’s place away. Correctly understood individualism and correctly understood socialism supplement one another, but this doesn’t work without higher insights. Human beings must take the first step in the direction they wish to go first . Once their objectives harmonise with all of creation, helpful assistance from the Spheres of Light will not fail to eventuate. We can only hope that the sciences reveal more and more secrets about the Information . DNA represents the magic potion that was used to create the universe. Every judiciously thinking person recognises that such ingenious information cannot develop of its own accord. Physical matter did not create itself in order to be ingenious. Ingenuity is a characteristic of the Spirit ! If one takes a green twig with buds and places it in water, one can observe how it begins to blossom. To see how such a blaze of colour develops from a piece of wood is one of nature’s miracles. This happens through information , through divine programming. Information (DNA) is the key to the world of spirit, the regions that represent the home of intelligence. These regions stand way above physical matter. Information, the like we find in DNA, does not consist of one word or one sentence, but of a regulation . When a tumour develops for instance, you’ll find that the attacked cells have lost their connection to the DNA-Information, they no longer react to the divine command. A Fall from Grace , ergo from GOD, always results in chaos! GOD is an eternal activity principle and information is the unveiling of the divine machinations. GOD’S power is unimaginably greater in the realm of the spirit than in the realm of solidified light (matter). GOD’S greatest revelation is life. GOD represents the total sum of all experiences throughout the universe. His consciousness is an encyclopaedia of knowledge from eternity to eternity. The world is undoubtedly a scientific problem, but also an aesthetic, ethical and metaphysical problem. This has always been recognised by those whose spirit did not remain stuck with superficial things. * * * * * * * Sources 1.) 25 years of research by the former "Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin" (1950 – 1975) 2.) New psychic revelations by the MESSENGER of LIGHT AREDOS, from the years 1981 - 1986