Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 9 - 2. The work of revelation by Jakob Lorber From the inspired, prophetic scripts of the 19th century, one must above all mention the monumental work of Jakob Lorber from Graz (1800 – 1864). As a simple musician of medium education, he reached the age of 40 when he suddenly heard an INNER VOICE that said to him: “Take a pen and write!” And for 24 years Jakob Lorber thus wrote 25 comprehensive books filled with the dictations he heard inside, all of them in the first person formulated as CHRIST’S WORDS. Lorber is so interesting from a historical-scientific view, because his works contain an almost incomprehensible number of predictions and statements that have been proven to be true. A doctrine about atoms can be found amongst his work and this is a long time before our sciences gained corresponding insights. With Lorber one can for instance read about a planet that had not been discovered in his days, this planet is called Neptune these days. An astonishing number of technological inventions are accurately predicted, the steam engine, combustion engine, conveyor bel, robots and a lot more.2 The content of his records is what we also find in the 4 Gospels of the New Testament, however a lot more comprehensive; it is a multiply complemented and enriched depiction of the life of JESUS, but in the first person. The main work is the “Das Grosse Evangelium Johann’s”, and it provides a lot of the prophesies to our theme. The reason why the Catholic Church does not take note of Jakob Lorber, not to mention disseminate his work in spite of the compatibility with the New Testament, has one simple reason: He actually also mentions the false St. Peter mythos, the hardening of dogmatism and the externalisations through pomp and ceremony. The SPIRIT that spoke through Lorber did not recognise the actualisation of the Christian faith in the Church’s history with its central theme of LOVE.(One only has to think about the tortures and the pyres of the inquisition). With Lorber we find nothing less than what has been prophesied for this decade, namely what we remember from our religious instructions as the World Judgment, also called the Last Judgment. The prophesies of CHRIST through Lorber repeatedly mention in regards to the point in time for this turning point: “After nearly 2000 years” or: “A thousand years from now and not quite a thousand years”. This indication appears in the “Great Gospel of John” (Großen Evangelium Johannis) with regular urgency over again and this no less than thirty times. It one takes “as from now” and adds it to CHRIST’S 30th years, this event would take place within the IDNDR-Decade, above everything if one takes the accuracy of the calendar of within a few years into consideration, certainly within the first quarter of the new century, Citations: • “People will indeed be warned through seers and through signs in the firmaments, but the worldly-wise will ascribe all of it to the blind forces of nature.” • “I will resurrect prophets that will prophesy and proclaim the approaching TRIBUNAL. But man’s arrogance will deride them.” 2 Predictions verifiable today!