Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 8 - Examples of prophesy 1. Forecasts from the collective subconscious The studies of the American psychologist Dr. Helen Wambach and therapist Dr. Chet Snow cited here were produced in accordance with the long established treatment through regression therapy whereby patients are placed in a light hypnosis and taken back to their childhood in order to reveal the causes of trauma and to resolve them. As the psyche is not subject to space and time, the regressions were carried out with therapeutic success beyond the time of birth (So-called reincarnation therapy). The concordance of the thereby experienced with historical facts is seen by many as evidence of the reality of reincarnation, but the therapists were not in pursuit of this fundamental question, they were only interested in the success of the treatment. Dr. Wambach however came up with the idea of progressing thousands of people into the future through the same hypnotic process in order to find out what they knew in advance about the coming times. The progression to the years 2100 and 2300 respectively brought indeed some surprisingly distinctive imagery about future types of civilisations (With descriptions of contacts with extraterrestrial planets, of a commonly practised ability of thought transference, of the re-emergence of the continent Atlantis etc.), but the number of test subjects that were able to experience the future were relatively few, so that the thus collected figures, in their statistical analysis, indicated the possible reduction of the world’s population by over 90% in the near future. These number were verified by other therapists who used the same method at other locations. In order to avoid shocking test subject through the experience of their own death, Dr. Wambach didn’t undertake progressions into the future within the present incarnation in her group workshops, but only in individual session with selected people. I cite from Ulrich Morgenthaler’s critique of the book by Dr. Snow: “During individual sessions with eight volunteers, she progressed them from the presence towards the millennium year by year. A pattern of events seemed to repeat itself, amongst other things an inflationary increase in food prices, more insecure stock market prices, high worldwide political tensions, remaining trouble spots in the Near and Middle East, unusual weather conditions with devastating effects on agriculture, increased volcanic activities and powerful earthquakes. Ergo, a dramatic increase in what we already experience these days. But it then started to indicate as if a combination of natural disasters and human caused disasters would eradicate a great portion of the population within a relatively short time. No accordance about a specific point in time was forthcoming. Snow, whose own individual progressions were carried out by Wambach, experienced the months between March and May 1998, as a time for the greatest catastrophes… A nuclear holocaust was not experienced.” Further details can be gleaned from the German translation of the work by Chet B. Snow: „Zukunftsvisionen der Menschheit, Apokalypse oder spirituelles Erwachen“, Ariston Verlag, Genf/München 1991.