Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 7 - Third preliminary remark My third preliminary remark already deals with an essential statement made by all great prophesies. It answers the question of whether the increase of disasters ascertained by the German IDNDR Committee for Disaster Prevention, is recorded as a linearly increasing graphic line or an exponentially developing curved line. The last scenario would end up in a culmination point, that is to say, a global cataclysm. Ergo, the end of the world? The answer from prophesy is unambiguous. It does indeed predict a “great cleansing of the planet”, to use the language of indigenous people, in conjunction with enormous changes to the surface of the Earth, but says no to and end of the world. Even the king of prophets from the Old Covenant Isaiah, mentions the sequence of: World degeneration, Last Judgment and world renewal. The way there are no prophesies in the Old Testament that do not proclaim the final “Victory of LIGHT over darkness”, the events narrated in the apocalypse of John also lead to a “New Heaven and a New Earth” at the end. All sources certainly say: The world at is exists today comes to an end. But the collapse of the old world is always followed by the new realm of peace. The native peoples also see the destruction of the old and the birth of the new as conjoint. Today’s prophesy says nothing different: Talk is always about an end and about a new beginning. This is called the “New Age” most of the time. The words “Apocalypse as hope” or “Apocalypse as chance” often appear in literature that grapples with prophesies in a comparative way. Particularly because the opportunity to gently facilitate the transition into a New Age seems to have been missed, it seems to be vital – in as far as one actually wants to deal with prophetic ideas – to remember that the result of the changes entitles one to high hopes and give no cause for despair. The “great cleansing” of the terrestrial is usually described in this way: • That the economic systems on Earth will collapse; • That after worldwide severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, parts of the surface of the Earth will submerge under water whilst others, like for instance ancient Atlantis, will re-emerge; • That the Earth’s axis will shift and a reversal of polarity will ensue; • The Earth’s orbit will change and that a period of three days of darkness will reign; • That a new world climate will develop amongst other things, because of a displacement of the gulf stream; • That rescue is however possible for all people that live in LOVE and faith; • That those that believe in GOD and the immortality of the soul and face the coming transformation without fear, can physically survive the transition; • That after the physical reversal of the polarity of Earth and the “REVERSAL of POLARITY” of people from material to spiritual interests, the Earth will experience peace and prosperity; • That with the help of the then no longer denied BROTHERS from the STARS, ergo from other planets, a fast rebuilding becomes possible and the planet will blossom with greater beauty than ever before.