Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 6 - Second preliminary remark What is conspicuous is not only the fact that a new interest in the traditional prophetic accounts has been awakened in some parts of the world – from the secret revelations of John, to Jakob Lorber (died 1864) and Edgar Cayce (died 1945). But those that deal with the theme of future predictions, ergo all forms of “messages” that stem from different levels of consciousness and shine a light on the fabric of the future, soon find out that specifically our times produce an up to now unknown, hardly surveyable plethora of new prophesies. It is a sign of the times of change we live in, namely that psychic gifts suddenly arise in a lot of people and these gifts make then say or write things that are as alien to their intellectual thinking, ergo their dayconsciousness, as they are to any third party; things that usually concern the transformation of the planet into a “new Earth” and the transition of the population of Earth to a higher quality of existence. It seems as if the foreshadowing of the future present within the subconscious forces itself to the surface of consciousness in the face of the dramatization of the world events happening around us. There is the successful businessman who is more surprised as anyone, that he completely abruptly perceives an INNER VOICE that confronts him with themes of change to his own life and life in general. He must now realise that he has turned into a “medium”. This is soon followed by the publication of an information service that reflects the things that he “hears” inside. One can book” sittings” with mediums in almost every city these days, with mediums that can at will enter a different state of consciousness, be this a semi-trance or a full trance, and they can astonish their clients with statements about their past and their future. Particularly popular are the “sensitives” that connect their visitors with their own spiritual companions (the guardian angels of religion) who know their protegees best and who can therefore best advise them in regards to mundane and spiritual questions. New York has its own city-guide that lists all the sensitives in town and also their specific abilities. The mediums that call themselves “channels” to other levels of consciousness, often receive inspirations that fill whole books so that a worldwide category of “channelled” books developed from this. The quality of what is being channelled depends on the level from whence these messages come from. The level a medium can connect with in turn depends on its level of integrity and neutrality. An egocentric and emotionally charged medium is hardly suitable to receive clear and pure messages. To make the necessary distinctions as a reader of such transmission isn’t more difficult for those that informed themselves, than for a literary connoisseur to separate good from bad literature. Theologians sometimes comment about the wave of new prophesies by pointing to the Book of Joel, Chapter 3 wherein it states: “Afterwards I will pour out MY SPIRIT on everyone; your sons and daughters will proclaim my message; your old men will have dreams and your young men will see visions. At that time, I will pour out MY SPIRIT even on servants, both men and women.”