Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 22 - The so-called “little grey men” Do we have to be afraid of the little grey men, the visitors from space that abduct people and perform surgical procedures on them? The question naturally crops up when taking what has been said into consideration, because press reports, books and television programs deal with this. The fact that entities exist on Earth and also in space that do not act with LOVE, is a reality. These entities have nothing to do with ASHTAR’S flotilla. When one takes the LAW of mental attraction into consideration (like attract like), it comes as no surprise that our media is so interested in these small groups of greys, whilst they suppress the documents about the SPACE BROTHERS who have come from various solar systems to offer the Earth their altruistic help. One could mention here that a previous US government engaged in conversation with the greys – in the belief that it could assure a military advantage with their help. But this is another, a further theme. The information given by ASHTAR’S SPACE TRAVELLERS in regards to the dangerousness of the greys is that we only experience the things that we attract, ergo offer a platform of resonance within us, and that the high REQUENCY inherent in LOVE can fend off everything else.