Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 21 - Comparison with statements from the New Testament The New Testament, that our SPACE BROTHERS sometimes refer to, states: “When these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your heads, because your salvation is near.” (Luke 21; 28) “HE will send the angels out to the four corners of the Earth to gather HIS children from one end of the Earth to the other.” (Mark 13; 27) “The great trumpet will sound and he will send out his angels to the four corners of the Earth and they will gather up his chosen people from one end of the world to the other.” Matthew 24; 31) “At that time, two men will be working in the field; one will be taken away, the other will be left behind. Two women will be at the mill grinding meal; one will be taken away, the other will be left behind.” (Matthew 24; 40 – 41) And who amongst you will be amongst the “chosen ones”? The extraterrestrial space travellers once said that the ticket for entering a rescue craft will be: “LOVE in one’s aura”. They often express the concern that those that see material things as the alpha and the omega of everything, will experience a shock of realisation and that they will hardly be prepared to leave their possession behind in such a resolute and rapid fashion. “A man who is on the roof of his house must not take the time to go down and get his belongings from the house. A man who is in the field must not go back to get his cloak.” (Matthew 24; 17 – 18)