Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 20 - Appellations to governments by extraterrestrial astronauts As impressive as the technological side of the extraterrestrial space technology might have been to the NASA astronauts, they expressed upon their return to Earth, that they were most deeply touched by the affectionate emanations coming from the aliens and the seriousness of the messages they received during their encounters and were asked to convey to the government and the UN. The speeches ASHTAR’S commando often sent simultaneously via a telepathy amplifier to the control centre, also gave the NASA people something to think about. They had indeed declared to the urging astronauts on various occasions that they would pass on the suggestions of co-operation to the authoritative bodies, but the fetters of secrecy have not been loosened up to now. Messages were directed at astronauts during almost all encounters and the gist of them has been summarised here in an abridged form: “A change within the Earth’s tale of woe is ahead of us. All the negative energies you have amassed during your history will indeed come to the surface and wreak havoc at the end of the old Age or, as your Bible terms it “at the End of Time”, but only in order to dissolve itself within the Earth’s act of cleansing after this dark period of transition that lies ahead. You will hardly have an opportunity to physically survive during this planetary transformation. This is why we, your COSMIC BROTHERS, have undertaken all the necessary preparations for an intergalactic rescue mission and this also includes a temporary evacuation. We elucidated our plans to you, the astronauts and cosmonauts from the West and the East, during their space missions, and we demonstrated our rescue craft and their technical abilities to them. We have called upon your governments on Earth on numerous occasions to explain to the population why we are here and what our rescue mission is all about. But those in responsible positions still refuse to publish any documentation about us. They are not yet prepared to admit the known problems and their own helplessness. But we do not want to interfere with your free will by demonstrating our superior powers. Because we would then trespass against a universally valid law of development. We therefore have the great concern that the expected worldwide cataclysm will place mankind in a state of shock, because it is unprepared and it does not know of our rescue plan. When people’s distress literally screams to heaven for help, we will take control over your news media and elucidate the people on Earth about our rescue measures. Our motherships will appear all around the globe for all to see soon after and this in formations that depict an enormous cross, the way it was proclaimed 2000 years ago. (Matthew 24, Verse 30: “The sign of the son of man will then appear in the sky”). Hundreds of thousands of mini-crafts will shuttle between the mothership and the Earth in order to collect those that are willing to be saved. The rescue period will be very, very short. We instructed your astronauts about the procedure of the rescue mission. We ask those in charge to finally familiarise the community so that it will not begin to panic when the sky is filled with our ships. The moment the TRUTH, that is so important for the survival of the population of the whole planet, is no longer suppressed, we will co-operate with the governments on Earth in any way we can. The cross that we will form with our ships in the sky, ergo the sign of the Son of Man, is designed to give you the certainty that we come as HIS MESSENGERS in order to prepare HIS return to a renewed Earth. Once HIS WORK of SALVATION, it stared 2000 years ago, has been completed, we will give you our brotherly help on HIS BEHALF.”