Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 19 - In March 1994, a male and a female member of the crew of five of the Columbia were invited to a mothership. The members of ASHTAR’S flotilla were always willing to give the NASA astronauts (as they did in 1995 with the Russian cosmonauts on board the space station MIR) information about their space flight technology, so for instance about the self-sufficient supply of their ships thanks to the unlimited presence of cosmic energy, about the control over gravitational forces and the principles of de-materialisation and re-materialisation as a prerequisite for surmounting distances of lightyears. The astronauts that were allowed to visit one of the alien spaceships reported that their space shuttle felt like a museum piece after their return and that their return felt like a step into the past, particularly as they had once again to deal with weightlessness. In many cases, our astronauts had to be content with sightings of demonstration flights. During an orbit of Atlantis in August 1991, five enormous rescue craft formed an uprightstanding cross. Like all the rest, this was also recorded on video and transmitted down to ground control. The crew of the Discovery were also shown a number of gigantic rescue crafts in 1993 and the dispatch and retrieval of small spaceships demonstrated the procedure of the rescue mission of terrestrial mankind. The crew of Columbia had a special kind of sighting in July 1994, the various classes of spaceships were presented in an impressive “flotilla parade” flypast. A lot of rescue crafts appeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1995 where they stood at readiness because the nuclear tests over the Muroroa Atoll represented the main focus of their rescue mission. The reports of such contact examples, the like NASA registered them, could be expanded upon at will, but identical incidents have been described by members of ASHTAR’S flotilla to a lot of private individuals also.