Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 18 - Encounters by our astronauts with extraterrestrial space travellers The vaults of NASA contain, kept under strict secrecy, a plethora of documents that report about very concrete encounters with extraterrestrial space travellers. If this knowledge was made accessible, the visitors from other planets would have become comprehensible to everyone a long time ago. Such contacts have been happening since the first landing on the Moon, but the public is fobbed off with rocks from the Moon instead. Quite a few ex-secret service people and astronauts have in the meantime eased their conscience by announcing a number of things, but to gain a picture of the extend and the importance of what has been withheld from the population can only be gained from an insider with access to the NASA documents who disclosed information to a journalist who promises confidentiality in regards to the source. I will pass on some of this information here: All NASA astronauts, including German, French or Japanese members of the shuttle’s crew, are prepared for possible encounters with alien space craft before the start of their mission and, like the ground crew, must abide by the strict rules of secrecy. Just how the commanders react to these encounters is usually left up to them after having been informed about the positive past experiences with alien space travellers. ASHTAR’S ships often approach our space shuttles to within 60 meters, sometimes even to within 20 meters and accompany them as virtual friendship escorts during one or a number of orbits around the Earth, So for instance the space shuttle Columbia in June 1991, Atlantis in August 1991 and August 1992 and the Endeavour in December 1993. Even an exchange of crew member can take place whereby the aliens communicate with the terrestrial colleagues telepathically or in the shuttle’s crew own language. An extraterrestrial space traveller had for instance visited the US shuttle Endeavour in 1992 whose commander knew about the convivial atmosphere prevalent during previous visits to the Discovery and therefore willingly complied with their request to come on board the Endeavour. In January 1993, an extraterrestrial crew member brought one of their spacesuits on board of the Endeavour as a gift for the commander; it is now a closely guarded viewing object for all the NASA employees bound by the secrecy act. Conversely, a NASA astronaut from the space shuttle Columbia was taken on board of one of the ASHTAR-Flotilla’s smaller exploration crafts and invited to make a detour to one of their giant motherships; in December 1992, two astronauts from the shuttle Discovery were also led to an extraterrestrial mothership. Due to the fact that every spaceship has its own gravitational field, the three astronauts experienced almost the same gravitational conditions as on Earth on the spaceship of their “colleagues” and they neither felt the airspeed nor a jerk when taking off or when docking with the mothership. The mothership was 800 meters long and it had 11 levels. As a special gesture, three astronauts from the Columbia and the Endeavour were taken on a lightning fast excursion with the mothership, they were shown planet Venus and planet Mars and a lot of things about them were explained to them.