For mankind on this Earth

2 For mankind of this Earth (SANTINER-message from the USA, 24 th of March 1996) “May thing happen to you according to your beliefs”. Is this not a traditional statement of the manifested CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS that incarnated 2,000 years ago on your planet in order to bring about changes to the consciousness of the masses? Do you not hear about and physically experience the TRUTH of this statement on a daily basis ? Are you still incapable of comprehending that the content of your thoughts and feelings manifest in your day to day existence as experience ? Pause for a minute and review the contents of your thoughts and feelings… Do not just review your thought and feeling patterns superficially, but advance one step deeper within yourselves: How do you rate your own worth? • You feel ill, alone and poor . • You feel helpless and useless . • You would like to do something, but you do not know what you can or should do. • You would like to be more than what you seem to be. You call yourselves “spiritualists” without being consciously aware of the actuality of this statement. • You are not consciously aware of the enormous potential consciousness within you is. • You are even afraid of yourself. • You fear the things that are within you ! Do you think that if you ignore the things within you, that they will simply disappear one fine day? – You live your soul, the spirit filtered through the closely nit stiches of your mind. Your mind is the analytical instrument that deals with your three-dimensional perceptions. Spirituality however goes way beyond the perceptions of your mind! • Spirituality is the unlimited FREEDOM of your existence. • Spirituality is the unlimited opportunity of the conscious manifestation of CONSCIOUS ENERGY. • Spirituality is nothing else but the unlimited ability of the spirit to create, to live and to experience . You would dearly love to live and act in a spiritual way, but you feel that whichever way you turn, you are continuously trapped within the circumstances of your own life. • What are you supposed to live on, if you live completely spiritual? • Why should you of all people be more than you seem to be? • Why should you of all people be the ones that resolved to fulfil an ASSIGNMENT? • And what happens if all of this is just one big mistake? Y o u l i v e y o u r s p i r i t u a l i t y w i t h i n y o u r m i n d !