For mankind on this Earth

16 • Please check how far religious dogmas have controlled your life and still control your life. Recognise the fetters therein and cut yourself lose if you are really prepared for this! The female gender in particular has been and is being hindered by the clerical powers and also by religious dogmas of all religious denominations worldwide on a massive scale and also hindered from recognising its true spiritual POWER and assignment and COMPREHENDING and RESPECTING its role as bearers of GOD’S greatest CREATIONAL MYSTERY. You might ask yourselves why mainly STAR BROTHERS talk to you and wonder where the STAR SISTERS are? – They work alongside of us like the way we do in spaceships or on space bases, but the nature of their assignment is often different from ours. Our women work intensely in the fields of HEALING and the TRANSFORMATION of ENERGIES, particularly in crisis regions, where massive negative VIBRATIONS require transformation. We do however do everything possible to keep any kind of danger away from them. • The KEY to TRANSFORMATION is hidden in femininity. This is the reason why a considerably greater number of our SISTERS are incarnated on your Earth in order to serve the TRANSFORMATION PROCESS in virtue of the power of their gender. As women are the carriers of the FREQUENCY of LOVE and as the Earth can only be healed through this FREQUENCY, this is one more reason why mainly women incarnate for this particular terrestrial mission. When we say that GOD created women tenderer and that they deserve men’s protection , we in no way say that this has anything to do with guardianship or suppression, they way you know it on Earth. As we know that all are equal in the eyes of GOD, there is no need for the female gender to indicate its specific value, because all of us are aware of its importance and it has been integrated into our respective life. We show the female gender our highest esteem, adoration, LOVE and gratitude , because it is the initiator of CREATION, it brings it to blossom and gifts us it fruits. We know that any civilisation where the female gender no longer enjoys the respect and esteem GOD endowed it with, is condemned to fail . Your Earth is the best example of this! P e a c e i n y o u r h e a r t s ! – P e a c e a c r o s s a l l f r o n t i e r s ! I say this to you with LOVE in my heart and in the name of my STAR SISTERS and STAR BROTHERS. Faithfully yours, your STAR BROTHER ASHTAR SHERAN