Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 9 - There are plenty of muddled conflict situation within our families and at places of work in our daily life that indicate that a vampirical situation is at hand. An example: A married couple, childless, both are working. The problem: The wife suffers greatly from the fact that the husband doesn’t do anything around the house, he doesn’t even do small repair jobs. She must do everything herself. She cannot and she no longer wants to continue. As an example, the new lamp in the living room has not been installed, a defective lightbulb in the hallway should have been replaced a long time ago and a fence picket should have been nailed back into place two weeks ago. The husband comes home from work, he eats what his wife lovingly prepares for him without a thank-you and he puts her down at every opportunity. According to his opinion, she can neither cook nor keep a decent home and she cannot budget properly, she is a silly cow as far as he is concerned, and this is something she constant hears either at home or amongst friends. He sits in front of the television with his feet up, drinks his beer and he is not interested in any conversation with his wife, the empty beer bottles must then be clear away by her after etc. All of this led to bad blood between them, to ugly confrontations, but nothing improves. The husband does indeed promise to take care of things later, sometime in the future but it goes in one ear and out the other. This woman thinks that her husband suffers from laziness and that he must urgently change, because living with him would become increasingly unbearable. But the more she endeavour to change her husband, the more his attitude stiffens and the more ill, unhappy and exhausted the wife feels after having such quarrels. As the wife is physically really ill whilst her husband enjoys flourishing health in spite of the quarrels and his unhealthy life style, we must naturally assume that there is an energy problem in the background. Because I doubt whether any medical treatment would bring results for her. Her husband is either consciously or unconsciously an energy vampire who increasingly needs regular quarrels with his wife to tap into her energy. What can be done? This woman could possibly achieve something with positive thoughts and affirmations, but this takes time, because she doesn’t have the necessary mental strength to produce enough energy for any affirmation so that the hoped for result can be realised as quickly as possible. The time would also be a problem in regards to aura protection techniques, because this also takes time. In order to clearly recognise the situation, this woman must acknowledge the laws of energy vampirism and act accordingly. The fact is that she has a problem and not her husband as she maintains! She is the victim, and what’s more, she has probably got herself into this situation over time. Her husband is not interested in changing the situation. He lives and flourishes from this and only gains from it. She must be prepared to turn off the tap to her energy by forcing him through her attitude to change his behaviour towards her. Even more: She must start with herself first and she must mentally prepare herself for the fact that her husband might not be prepared to accept her rebellion. My advice: Calmly explain to her husband: “I can’t deal with this anymore. Unless this situation I have been exposed to for some time changes, I will become ill. I feel exploited, hurt and used. The only sensible