Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 2 - 1. Fundamentals Those that do not endeavour to spread LIGHT, increasingly darken themselves. This sentence goes directly to the focal point of our theme. All kinds of spiritual questions somehow occupy the mind of all of us, but we however never think that they in particular have such a great influence on our daily life. We virtually constantly compete for material possessions, for professional careers, for money, affluence and power over other people. Cleverly hidden, this general chase for power and material things does in fact look for something completely different, for something vital that is probably very precious and maybe in short supply in this three-dimensional world; it would otherwise not be constantly competed for. We are dealing with Life Energy, also called Prana, Chi or Orgon in German, life energy that seems to be available in abundance under certain circumstances for many spiritually sensitive people. When we take our scientific insights into consideration we must, based on our experience, assume that every form of energy can be transformed into another form: The energy of water or wind into electrical energy or heat energy etc. What kind of experiences do we have in regards to life energy? Can it be measured? – What hides behind concepts like: “bundled energy”, “sexual energy”, “mental power”, “criminal energy”, “creative energy”, “anger”, “fear” etc.? - Can one also convert these energies; can one transform them from one form of energy into another? – When we think of the great works by poets and dramaturges, we can accept it as verified that the energy of a happy and also an unhappy lover can apparently be easily transformed into “creative energy”. The same form of energy can equally be discharged into “criminal energy”, something the reports in our newspapers confirm daily. There is a large grey zone between the two extremes fluctuations and they seem to inconspicuously determine the lives of all of us. Energy is constantly withdrawn from us and we constantly receive some from the cosmos, the world of spirit or we draw this life energy for ourselves from other human beings. I call this energy predation e n e r g y v a m p i r i s m. • Why are we unable to evade the influence of certain people? • Why do we allow others to molest us? • Why does a wife not defend herself when the husband becomes violent? • Why does a man tolerate the constant nagging of his wife? • Why do women in particular put up with social degradation?