Children’s heroic faith under an ungodly regime

The fiery ball opened and revealed a child that was more beautiful than any child they had ever seen. The child smiled at them without saying a word. The children were no longer scared, they were filled with joy! It lasted… a moment…, a quarter of an hour… or even longer? Strange, but the accounts about this varied. The fact remains that this event didn’t go beyond the duration of their lesson. The child was “dressed in white and was akin to a small sun. It had produced the light” (that is to say, the light emanated from the apparition itself). “Daylight appeared almost black next to it.” Some of the girls were blinded, their eyes hurt. Others looked at the apparition of the child unhindered. It then disappeared inside the ball of light that melted away very, very slowly”. – The girls, flooded with joy, were unable to utter one word… A garish cry suddenly pierced the stillness. Looking sallow and with protruding eyes, the teacher screamed: “The child has come! The child has come!” She then escaped from the room and slammed the door behind her. Angela seemed to awake from a dream. All she said was: “As you can see, he heard us! And we should now thank him!” – They all kneeled down and prayed the Lord’s prayer, an Ave Maria and a Glory. They then left the classroom because the bell rang for recess. Pater Norbert added: “This event naturally became known. I individually interviewed the children. I can declare under oath that I didn’t find the slightest contradiction amongst their statements.” The teacher ended up in an asylum. Pater Norbert tried on numerous occasions to visit her. But priests were refused entry to the asylum. Angela finished her schooling. As the oldest child of a large family, she became her mother’s main support. This incident happened within the framework of becoming aware of a higher reality. This event has absolutely nothing to do with mass hallucination or with subconscious self-hypnosis. This fiery ball was the result of an ENERGY-compression process and it made the appearance of the Jesus child possible. To explain the phenomenon of light and fireball apparitions in more detail would be very cumbersome. And it would be a waste of time to try to explain to wiseacres that real worlds exist that are indeed imperceptible to our senses, but that exist just the same. The terrible persecution of Christians in the communist nations was largely ignored by the mass media in the West. Why? – And why does one hear almost nothing about the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries? Is the suffering of the brother and sister followers of the Christian Church of no interest whatsoever to them? Alexander Jakowlew, chairman of Moscow’s Government Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Suppression, announced that between 1917 and 1985, about 200’000 clergymen had been murdered and that about 300’000 ended up in forced labour camps. He said: “These facts impressed me in a most terrible way. Priests and monks were crucified on Church doors, shot dead, strangled and had water poured over them in winter, until they froze into pillars of ice.” A comment to this, states: “Lenin, the Red Tsar, spilled more blood than one can imagine. Before his death, he implored all and sundry to forgive him his misdeeds.”