Automatic psychic writing (Automatic writing mediumship)

7 do not want to make a blanket statement here. But the following can be said: Every human being has their own tempo when it comes to noticing, training and utilising their abilities within the psychic sector. Students should always be able to maintain their own tempo during seminars and training programs. The training methods must otherwise be critically scrutinised. People that dearly wish to be or become a medium most of the time wish for something that has to do with the task or position of a medium according to their own opinion. A lot of people are aware that they perceive things that have nothing in common with their ‘learned reality’. These could be voices, lights, faces, figures and haze-like forms. These perceptions are however experienced as a threat when they strike unexpectedly. People must assess the quality of their perceptions. Do they perceive things: • That threaten them or negatively influence them? • Are they attacked by these different perceptions or can they switch them on (even if they cannot accurately identify its mechanism)? • Do they distance themselves from their familiar world? The task and the work of a medium does not consist of extraditing or devoting itself to negative FORCES, to losing control over the type of perception and to distancing itself from everyday life. A medium has the task to act as a mediator and sometimes as a kind of translator. It naturally learns a lot from this specialised work and it formulates special opportunities for its further development. And as an important final point: For as long as a human being lives on this Earth, it has the ‘right of residence’ over its body. Nobody is authorised to occupy this body without permission. Lots of contacts with negative POWERS are based on a decision (how and whenever it has been made) to have experiences with dark themes and entities. We do not want to condemn anyone for this, because it is a difficult path. We also want to refrain from judging those that are very sensitive and therefore decide to have nothing to do with this theme. You have a body in this life – you might not have one in the next one. So sit in the light and warm yourself. This is something a lot will envy you for. XANTILUTI * * * * * * *