Automatic psychic writing (Automatic writing mediumship)

2 concern and what question not to ask. This is then presented to XANTILUTI who also answers in writing. We at the editorial office naturally wanted to experience a practical example of how everything worked. This favour was immediately fulfilled. We will print some of our questions and the answers we received. What is conspicuous is that the questions are answered spontaneously and without interfaces for deliberations . This in an incisive and also humorous manner. What is of importance to both parties is the result. Whether somebody believes that they are dealing with spiritual ENTITIES or not is of no concern - if the answer helps in any way the purpose has been fulfilled. Thommy Thomsen and Martina Bochnik managed to develop lots of little personal intuitions and learned to apply a lot of important things in regards to their working partnership whilst they worked together. They therefore profited the most from this psychic affair themselves . We are actually in the midst of assessing the “Differentiation between the Spirits”. Namely which medium, respectively, which ENTITY that speaks through the medium, can be trusted and which ENTITY cannot be trusted. • Thommy Thomsen and Martina Bochnik can, based on their own experience, confirm that spirit entities that do not have our interest at heart can camouflage themselves very well . It is therefore imperative that one should take certain appraisal factors into consideration. • When asked for advice, advisory ENTITIES respect people’s independence. • Even the medium – when it thinks that it is overextended, can say “stop” at any time and good ENTITIES will accept this then directly. XANTILUTI makes his own statement to this theme: There are as many types as there are mediums. Because the choice of words, the theme and the concreteness of the information are also always marked by the medium. Let’s look at the reason: Most mediums that write the received messages down are in a semi-trance. They still perceive some aspects of their environment and are at the time aware that they write down a sentence, even which sentence. They do however have no remembrance after one or two sentences. Let’s now look at the contact: The ENTITY takes over and controls a part of the medium’s brain. It also utilises the medium’s language and knowledge. This is the foundation the ENTITIES work with. The information or the theme itself naturally surpasses the level of knowledge of the medium, otherwise only very educated people could become mediums and our opportunities would be very much curtailed. Knowledge that does not exist within people could not be conveyed. This is the reason, namely why a medium co-formulates the type of transmission it receives. How does such a work session operate when somebody comes for advice? Every consultation is categorically conducted on a personal level. Meaning that the client must be personally present at