An important appellation in our times

Did not all of us who have been in certain situations, for instance in a war, during nights of bombings, after the collapse, during a severe illness, after somebody died or after going broke, had the feeling that everything they did, hoped for, looked forwards to was useless and will probably also be useless in the future? – All those that are not familiar with the spiritual facts should actually feel this way. • Once this insight has taken root, there is nothing more important than to get to know the spiritual facts. It is more important than wondering whether one will earn some money tomorrow, whether there is a war looming or all the things one gives importance to. There is no telling what would happen, if this awareness would grip all of mankind. People would run themselves ragged, they would settle their disputes, help the needy, alleviate hardships, heal illnesses and do this the way they run themselves ragged these days chasing after money, amass possessions, prepare for war, wear beautiful clothes to show off or savour pleasures. The important appellation in our time would then have been heard and we would march towards a golden era, a paradise on Earth. But we are naturally still far from this situation. A lot will however be gained if people hear this call here or there and if they begin to search for the true facts about the world of spirit. They will gain something here and in the hereafter. They will have the assurance of not having lived on Earth in vain. And this is really something! Such people act like seeds, like yeast and salt in dough. When Faust said: “All the misery of humanity touches me”, he naturally expresses a feeling that all of us have when we look at the present situation. But one may not stand still. Only those that change t h e m s e l v e s change the world. Those that want to change o t h e r s waste their time. * * * * * * *