An important appellation in our times

Once the “spirits” have verified their identity, there is no longer a reason to doubt the rest of their information about the hereafter that is difficult to verify just like that. • This in particular when such information about the hereafter comes independently from numerous spirits and through various mediums from various parts of the world and when it mutually confirms itself. Herein lies the task of comparative medium research, namely to collect and to evaluate these reciprocal confirmations as evidence of the reality of the world of the hereafter and the truthfulness of the spirit messages. The last step on this path will then be the one that draws practical conclusions for our existence on Earth from the philosophical and religious messages from the spirits. And this is actually the whole purpose of Spiritism, not moving tables, not materialisations and not the verification of identities. We will therefore immediately deal with this question in more detail. A rethink is required I could well imagine that every sentient human being must be extremely interested in finding out what happens to spirits in the hereafter and what they think about us and their own past here on Earth. This was certainly the case with me. It is surely about facts. • To simply write on tombstones: “Rest in Peace!” or “Until we meet again!” does not suffice, particularly if we continue living as we see fit and wait and see how things on the other side eventually eventuate. There is nothing more embarrassing and annoying already here on Earth than missed opportunities and wasted endeavours. Think of an inventor who grappled for years with something to then find out that somebody beat him to the post. Or consider a treasure hunter who digs a tunnel in the sweat of his brow to then find that the alleged treasure consist of a few old bones. This is what happens to everybody who either subordinates their life to the usual material interests like monetary gain, honour, fame and pleasure – or on the other hand – imagines a hereafter that deviates from the reality. The hereafter is in fact completely different from the way the majority imagines it and entering the hereafter offers an extremely painful surprise to them. • “You have been chasing a pipe dream” will many scientists have to tell themselves. • “You were more useless than your office assistant”, a financier or a captain of industry. • “You have taught aberrations”, a teacher or a clergy man. • “You have been blind”, a globe trotter. • “You were poorer than a beggar”, a person that believed that with the help of its money, it had to experience all the pleasures of this world to the last drop.” • “You have prayed, fasted, chastised your body and hoped for remuneration from heaven in vain”, many of those that wanted to be so pious.