An important appellation in our times

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The task of parapsychology Modern parapsychology has little to do with Spiritism at this point in time. It has decided to arduously investigate everything through the deductive1 method that Spiritism has found out long ago through its inductive method and now regards the secured inventory of its own science. – But everything takes time. Those that are familiar with the latest research and speculations by Professor Rhine from the Duke University, USA for instance, will get the impression that the partition wall between Spiritism and parapsychology is now very thin indeed. Cases of haunting are investigated. Unlike in the past, mediumship is no longer seen as hysterics or a mental illness, telepathy and telekinesis are no longer seen as deceptions or fraud, but as scientific facts. • The task of parapsychology is to continue where old spiritistic researchers like Zoeller, Crookes, Bozzano, Dr. du Prel etc, have stopped. In contrast to Spiritists, actual Spiritualist are basically no longer interested in these things. They regard the standard work by Dr. Emil Mattiesen, “The personal survival after death” (Berlin 1936 - 39) as the pinnacle of scientific, paraphysical and parapsychological research of the supernatural. Whilst “dancing tables” and “materialisations” were sensations in the past and the pros and cons heated the minds, they have nowadays disappeared from the quiet rooms of objective investigations. They are now only justified in the hands of experienced researchers, the curious and laymen should keep their hands off it. The greatest surprise to every newcomer will always be the fact that physical phenomena produced by Spiritism, ergo telekinesis (Remote movement of objects), apports, levitation, materialisations etc. will always seem so incredible and wonderful, but that they in themselves do not verify the independence, immortality and the survival of the soul after death. All of them can also be explained along animalistic lines. Actual evidence was only provided through mental observations.2 This means the following: “Spirits (Ghosts) are not silent spectres and lifeless observation objects, but living, intelligent beings like us. They can provide information about themselves and the world they live in and they can also give sensible answers to questions about philosophy and religion. They can therefore a priory verify their own identity by telling us things that neither the medium nor anybody else present could know, actually sometimes things that nobody here on Earth would know anything about, things that can be verified as accurate later on. 1 Deductive: Concluding from the general to the individual. Concluding from the individual to the general. The inductive methods proceeds as follows, namely that a lot of good, certified observation and experience materials are collected to then be investigated for superior legalities that can explain these materials uncontradicted. The deductive method on the other hand looks for generally valid legalities through experiments and only then tries to utilise the manifold apparition. It is quite tragic that the British S.P.R. (Society for Psychic Research) has collected an enormous amount of material, but has been unable to understand or wanted to understand up to now, that one can find scientific evidence for or against the spiritistic interpretation hypothesis through induction. Some of its presidents like Myers, Sir Conan Doyle, Sir Oliver Lodge have tried, but they did not succeed. The most seamless scientific evidence for Spiritism based on the inductive method comes, according to my opinion, from Dr. Emil Mattesen in his standard works “Das persönliche Überleben des Todes. Eine Darstellung der Erfahrungsbeweise” (Berlin, 1936 – 1939). 2 Parapsychology works with two interpretation methods, the animistic and the spiritistic. Whilst all phenomena that indicate an afterdeath survival are placed at the feet of the medium subconscious or that of other participants with the animistic hypothesis, the spiritistic hypothesis concludes that surviving the demise of the body is a possibility and regards this a verifiable.

Once the “spirits” have verified their identity, there is no longer a reason to doubt the rest of their information about the hereafter that is difficult to verify just like that. • This in particular when such information about the hereafter comes independently from numerous spirits and through various mediums from various parts of the world and when it mutually confirms itself. Herein lies the task of comparative medium research, namely to collect and to evaluate these reciprocal confirmations as evidence of the reality of the world of the hereafter and the truthfulness of the spirit messages. The last step on this path will then be the one that draws practical conclusions for our existence on Earth from the philosophical and religious messages from the spirits. And this is actually the whole purpose of Spiritism, not moving tables, not materialisations and not the verification of identities. We will therefore immediately deal with this question in more detail. A rethink is required I could well imagine that every sentient human being must be extremely interested in finding out what happens to spirits in the hereafter and what they think about us and their own past here on Earth. This was certainly the case with me. It is surely about facts. • To simply write on tombstones: “Rest in Peace!” or “Until we meet again!” does not suffice, particularly if we continue living as we see fit and wait and see how things on the other side eventually eventuate. There is nothing more embarrassing and annoying already here on Earth than missed opportunities and wasted endeavours. Think of an inventor who grappled for years with something to then find out that somebody beat him to the post. Or consider a treasure hunter who digs a tunnel in the sweat of his brow to then find that the alleged treasure consist of a few old bones. This is what happens to everybody who either subordinates their life to the usual material interests like monetary gain, honour, fame and pleasure – or on the other hand – imagines a hereafter that deviates from the reality. The hereafter is in fact completely different from the way the majority imagines it and entering the hereafter offers an extremely painful surprise to them. • “You have been chasing a pipe dream” will many scientists have to tell themselves. • “You were more useless than your office assistant”, a financier or a captain of industry. • “You have taught aberrations”, a teacher or a clergy man. • “You have been blind”, a globe trotter. • “You were poorer than a beggar”, a person that believed that with the help of its money, it had to experience all the pleasures of this world to the last drop.” • “You have prayed, fasted, chastised your body and hoped for remuneration from heaven in vain”, many of those that wanted to be so pious.

Did not all of us who have been in certain situations, for instance in a war, during nights of bombings, after the collapse, during a severe illness, after somebody died or after going broke, had the feeling that everything they did, hoped for, looked forwards to was useless and will probably also be useless in the future? – All those that are not familiar with the spiritual facts should actually feel this way. • Once this insight has taken root, there is nothing more important than to get to know the spiritual facts. It is more important than wondering whether one will earn some money tomorrow, whether there is a war looming or all the things one gives importance to. There is no telling what would happen, if this awareness would grip all of mankind. People would run themselves ragged, they would settle their disputes, help the needy, alleviate hardships, heal illnesses and do this the way they run themselves ragged these days chasing after money, amass possessions, prepare for war, wear beautiful clothes to show off or savour pleasures. The important appellation in our time would then have been heard and we would march towards a golden era, a paradise on Earth. But we are naturally still far from this situation. A lot will however be gained if people hear this call here or there and if they begin to search for the true facts about the world of spirit. They will gain something here and in the hereafter. They will have the assurance of not having lived on Earth in vain. And this is really something! Such people act like seeds, like yeast and salt in dough. When Faust said: “All the misery of humanity touches me”, he naturally expresses a feeling that all of us have when we look at the present situation. But one may not stand still. Only those that change t h e m s e l v e s change the world. Those that want to change o t h e r s waste their time. * * * * * * *