A blind painter from Istanbul astonishes the sciences

Armagan also applies his remarkable gift in his daily life. He walks around without a white cane and finds his way everywhere. He possesses an intensive sense for his environment, because once he has been somewhere, he will always find his way back there, even after a number of years have passed. Two examples of Esref Armagan’s works: Esref Armagan also painted a portrait of a former First Lady of Turkey and also of the present president and prime minister. Armagan is married and they have two children. His work has been displayed in over 20 exhibitions in Turkey and also abroad. Armagan has been a guest of Turkish television a number of times, also of the Turkish press and he has been on programs of the BBC and ZDF. Sources: https://www.newscientist.com/ (also search > Esref Armagan) https://www.armagan.com