Ufology - Part 3

2 • The SANTINER will never attack a terrestrial human being. Therefore nobody has to defend themselves against them with a knife. Genesis 19, 11: “ Then they struck all the men outside with blindness so that they couldn’t find the door”. This is a passage from your Old Testament. We are dealing here with an attack on the SANTINER by the population of Sodom. Question : Can terrestrial people be injured by the protective rays of the SANTINER? AREDOS : No, not directly. We are dealing with paralysation here. The attacker is incapable of concentrating. He suffer some kind of blackout. Question : How extensive is the reach of the paralysing zone? AREDOS : It depends on its deployment by the SANTINER. A larger group of SANTINER can naturally paralyse a larger assembly of people. Question : Why are UFO flyovers over South America particularly prolific? AREDOS : This is a mistake! Sightings there are more officially published . Question : Are there really extraterrestrial in the universe that can travel through space even though their development is very negative ? ELIAS : Yes, such human races do exist . But these astronauts are a long way away from Earth. They do not come here. Question : How is it possible for such negative people to have such a high level of technical development that allows them to fly in UFOS? ELIAS : These people had better insights once upon a time . They have unfortunately taken a retrograde step – this can also happen. Question : As you are aware, a lot of nonsense is disseminated about this subject matter. Are there certain signs one can recognise these false reports by? ELIAS : Experience and logic are the yardsticks. – We established that every time we talk about the vastness of the universe no boundaries can be set. People’s fantasy cannot be reined in either, because faced with billions of stars, the reality is far greater that any fantasy. • Reports about negative, antagonistic spaceships seen on Earth are only bandied about to cause unrest. Question : Do invisible UFOS fly across planet Earth? ELIAS : When objects fly so fast that the eye can no longer register them, they become invisible to you. UFOS can fly that fast! You therefore can only see slow moving UFOS. Three or five UFOS are sometimes seen simultaneously, even though one is only dealing with one UFO. This is the result of the way they rapidly change positions.