The hereafter

- 2- Several people possess a gift that allows these unconscious circumstances to come to the surface. Transcendental insights then enter the corporeal consciousness of the person in question. A re-routing of the range of perception, which form the border between the spiritual and physical man, takes place. People with a displaced range of perception were called prophets in the past; the same people are called mediums or mediators these days. Paranormal phenomenon’s are only possible and can only be comprehended under the conditions that the person concerned experiences both dimensions at the same time. The transcendental consciousness of the person appears on its own accord in equal measure to the intensity he subdues his dominating earthly-sensitive consciousness. - Only when the sun goes down is the brilliance of the stars revealed. Bad Salzuflen, December 1992 The connection with the spiritual realm (Transmission from the year 1963) Spiritualism verifies that there is a conscious existence after physical death. The “dead” - as you like to call them - continue to live on our side. They can return and they do return. But there is more! - The people living on Earth can learn why they continue to exists, through the connection with the spiritual realm:  What is the meaning of a continued existence of man?  What is the effect of the earthly existence on the new life that begins after death?  What is the relationship between both states of existence?  What experiences have people had, once they crossed the threshold of death?  Was whatever they did, said or thought during their time on Earth a help or a hindrance?  What are the lessons they’ve learned that will help their progress?  How are permanent things procured, once the material possessions have been left behind?  What effect do our indoctrinations in regards to religion, science, politics, commerce, arts, interna- tional understanding, racial questions etc. have? Well, all of these questions are touched upon during spiritual connections. This new information brings with it an explanation of the problems that have puzzled a tormented humanity for an eternity. Apart from a continuous fight for new knowledge we also fight a “war” against all powers of darkness, regression and against all those involve with it. But above everything else we wage a battle against fear. Under certain circumstance the association and understanding between us is either made easier or harder. There are obstacles and they are misunderstandings, there is animosity and ignorance , but they can be overcome. It is of course a lot easier for us to reveal ourselves if you are mentally and spiritual- ly receptive . You are spiritual beings within a human body. But we are spiritual entities without this body made of flesh! But there is a link present, namely the connection through the spirit . You are spiritual beings here in the hereafter and you are the same in your physical world. It isn’t death that imparts a spiritual life to you. Death only releases you from the constraints of the flesh and removes the shackles so that you can fly to freedom, akin to a bird whose cage is opened. Strictly speaking, you have all the talents, characteristics and qualities of the spirit now and always. It is dormant within you. You can learn to awaken these and to give them the power of expression, so hat they can reveal themselves and assert a claim on their glorious inheritance.