Spiritualism versus Spiritism - Addendum

1 PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : http://www.psychowissenschaften.de E-Mail : RoLi@psygrenz.de Translator’s email: evak30@optusnet.com.au From the Menetekel 1956 to 1975 Theme : Spiritualism versus Spiritism (What positive spiritual indoctrination can achieve) Addenda from the Menetekel 1956 to 1975 Questioner : Psychic Peace Circle Berlin (MFK-Berlin) Mediums : Uwe Speer (17) and Monika-Manuela Speer (15) MESSENGERS OF LIGHT : ELIAS, ARGUN and AREDOS The texts to this theme were psychically received between the years of 1956 to 1975, by the Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin, a Christian/Spiritual community. These transmissions are a part of the Menetekel, a collection of 4,500 A4 pages of freshly catalogued protocols, amassed over 20 years. All of these mediumistic messages were left in their original form, even if similar questions were repeated. The work of the two mediums began when they were 15 and respectively 17 years old. The total production of the MFK-Berlin (Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin), the Menetekel and the 21 transmissions from the space-brothers are considered the absolute pinnacle of psycho-scientific exploration. Other spiritual circles have often tried to copy the work of the MFK, but its quality was never achieved. The reproduction and distribution of these rearranged messages and protocols is explicitly encouraged and is not covered by any copyright. _______________________________________________________________________________ Preface It is more important than ever to remind ourselves that all the major religions are fed from the same SOURCE. There is a strong trend towards fundamentalism. Evermore people recognise that there can also be a life with God for them after leaving their respective Church. More and more people want to “believe rationally” and to find the truth by themselves. One would like to experience the truth within one’s own soul and feel that there is only one truth, but that there are many ways . Confessional churches and dogmatic Christendom draw their divine knowledge from old traditions. Spiritualism draws its divine knowledge from the only and still bubbling SOURCE from whence the old traditions partially stem from. Not ancient WORDS of GOD, but NEW REVELATIONS! In spite of all the differences, there are an increasing number of people who look for and also find the common denominator amongst the various religions. This trend inevitably leads to a BASIC WISDOMS that, in the final analysis, forms the foundation of all major global religions. There is ONE GOD and the paths leading to HIM are manifold . Spiritualism conquers the dogmas of all religion. Bad Salzuflen, September 2009