Science, technology and the arts

1 PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: Theme : Science, technology and the arts Questioners : Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin (Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin) Mediums : Uwe Speer (17) and Monika-Manuela Speer (15) MESSENGERS of LIGHT : ELIAS, ARGUN, AREDOS The Medialen Friedenskreis Berlin, a Christian/Spiritual community, psychically received the texts to this theme between the years of 1956 to 1975. These transmissions are a part of the Menetekel, a collection of 4,500 A4 pages of freshly catalogued protocols, amassed over 20 years. All of these mediumistic messages were left in their original form, even if similar questions were repeated. The work of the two mediums began when they were 15 and respectively 17 years old. The total production of the MFK-Berlin (Medialer Friedenskreis Berlin), the Menetekel and the 21 transmissions from the space-brothers are considered the absolute pinnacle of psycho-scientific research. Other spiritual circles have often tried to copy the work of the MFK, but its quality was never achieved. The reproduction and distribution of these rearranged messages and protocols is explicitly encouraged and is not covered by any copyright. Preface by the editor Nature’s UNIVERSAL LAWS act here on Earth and also in one’s spiritual life, because all of us are of the same life essence, it is only expressed in different ways. A lot of things indicate that planet Earth had visitor from outer space in its early stages. These visitors wanted to get to know the LAWS life here is expressed under. What kind of LAWS are we talking about? Not the same man makes here on Earth! The laws of man are subject to change and cannot be compared with the laws of nature. The LAWS that govern the whole universe are based on natural principles, they are immutable TRUTHS. The universe’s immutable LAW is valid at all times; it controls life and all its functions. On hand of our vibrations, all of us either work with or against this great LAW and this has its consequences for us either way. No POWER throughout the universe can endure without LEGALITIES. What a difference this is compared to the belief that someone is watching over us to see whether we make a mistake! Eminently evolved SPIRITS are able to achieve results we, as human beings, find impossible to fathom . They can do so because they understand the effects of this law of nature! When these spirit HELPERS contact people on Earth in order to lend a helping and, they can do nothing that contravenes the LAW. One can use fire to create warmth and on the other hand one can use fire to destroy. The same force is at work in both cases. It is a force that can be controlled or unleashed. We should be aware of the fact that we dispose over certain powers that can have a creative or destructive effect. We can turn life on Earth into a heaven or a hell. No matter whether we try to destroy ourselves or physical matter, there is no forgetting and no obliteration. Any change is temporary . There is no ultimate