Messengers of Light evenings - Part 2

1 PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: Protocol extracts from the Menetekel from the years 1956 to 1975. Theme : Messengers of Light evenings With clues about the writing mediums as well as the press and television Part 2: Extracted from the years 1956 to 1965 The following brief information deals with the Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin (Medialer Friedenskreis, Berlin. MFK Berlin) in general and with its Messengers of Light evenings specifically. These texts were published by the circle’s leadership in their monthly Menetekel brochures as additional brief information. There are also a number of lengthy essays about the Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehens (ZDF) recording sessions of the circle’s activity. All reports are reproduced in chronological order. Duplication is explicitly welcomed and is not subject to any restrictions or copyrights. Preface Every genuine contact with the hereafter requires a prearranged appointment with the TEACHERS of LIGHT that has to be strictly adhered to. We cannot make contact with them outside of this prearranged time. Otherwise other spirit entities announce themselves and they are often negative . This fact verifies that psychic contacts have nothing to do with telepathy. – The theme for the séance is sometimes briefly discussed beforehand. Important: The medium categorically does not participate in these discussions and it is therefore unaware of what will be asked during the meetings. The spirit GUIDE will however touch upon the discussed theme right at the beginning without having initially inquired about it. This indicates that the otherworldly were present in the vocational room prior to the séance and that they overheard the theme being discussed. The answers also show that we are not dealing with telepathy, but with the independent thoughts of the otherworldly TEACHERS. The miscellaneousness of the spontaneously asked questions is enormous. It would be impossible for the medium to provide all the answers of its own accord. The otherworldly is also not an encyclopaedia, but it was explained to us that the spirit TEACHER in contact with our medium, the speaker respectively the writer, is part of an otherworldly team and as the otherworldly think without a physical “brain retarder” and that this explains the speed and the spontaneousness of the answers. We also find evidence of the genuineness of these SPIRITUAL CONTACTS here. Independently from one another, it is internationally common practise for the MESSENGERS of LIGHT to announce their presence with their ORDER NAME. Every SPIRIT GUIDE who utilises a medium shows characteristics that immediately identifies him: Namely certain hand movements , the arrangement of the writing and habits in the way they express themselves. A good, really