Messengers of Light evenings - Part 1

1 PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Editor: Rolf Linnemann (Certificated Engineer) * Steinweg 3b * 32108 Bad Salzuflen * Tel. (05222) 6558 Internet : E-Mail : Translator’s email: Protocol extracts from the Menetekel from the years 1956 to 1975. Theme : Messengers of Light evenings With clues about the writing mediums as well as the press and television Part 1: Extracted from the years 1956 to 1965 The following brief information deals with the Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin (Medialer Friedenskreis, Berlin. MFK Berlin) in general and with its Messengers of Light evenings specifically. These texts were published by the circle’s leadership in their monthly Menetekel brochures as additional brief information. There are also a number of lengthy essays about the Zweiten Deutschen Fernsehens (ZDF) recording sessions of the circle’s activity. All reports are reproduced in chronological order. Duplication is explicitly welcomed and is not subject to any restrictions. Preface Those that deride the things they do not understand, because they never had to opportunity to experience them physically, easily place themselves above those that know about them. Do not confuse genuine supernatural contact with superstition, because superstition most of the time means the false interpretation and handling of a difficult to comprehend truth . Superstition is a primitive thought process! Spiritualism combats primitive thought processes! There are no miracles, but there is a combined endeavour between terrestrial people and spiritual POWERS. The demand for spiritual indoctrination and truth also begins to increasingly stir in Germany. The Psychic Peace Circle, Berlin does not practise questioning the dead or spiritism either, it runs a spiritualistic Church according to JESUS CHRIST’S tenets. Revelation-spiritualism is the SOURCE of all religious traditions. The brochure Menetekel is self-published. All messages and indoctrinations are the result of the Psychic Peace Circle’s endeavours. We do not publish strange essays and communications. The messages we received have nothing to do with subconscious thoughts and fantasies. We do not hide behind pseudonyms and mock addresses, aware of our responsibility, we promote the truth which we publish and effectively verify. The readers own inner response will tell them whether they can trust these messages. One should also engage one’s mind correctly. Lots of thank-you notes arrive here daily from all over the world. Those that courtship peace also courtship GOD and his HIERARCHY.