In the service of science - Part 2

extraordinary imbalance our life calibrates in many respects, one should place one’s thought energy of becoming consciously aware, within the sphere of influence of similarly sentient people . Like attracts like, similarities attract similarities. We therefore configure and create consciously and freely from the manipulations of reality . For as long as this serves to benefit individuals as well as the whole, this sphere of influence will be a peaceful one – new and spiritual in any case. Bad Salzuflen, March 2008 The Psychic Peace Circle continues to report its experiences January 1963 We asked the spiritual realm to tell us why academic science makes the mistake of assuming that people’s brain represents the soul at the same time. Our spirit guide ARGUN gave us the following explanation: “A human being incarnated on Earth consists of two parts, that is to say, a spirit BODY and a physical body. Even though invisible to you, the spirit BODY also possesses all organs. The spirit, respectively the soul, also possesses a brain. The physical body is an instrument that is an exact copy of the soul’s body, down to the last detail. This physical body is controlled through non-physical IMPULSES that work via the brain and the nervous system. The physical body is forced to immediately follow each movement of the soul like a shadow. Every movement of the tongue, every breath, every slightest twitch is immediately copied by the physical body. Thought processes on the other hand are possible without a physical brain. A person’s absolute death stops this parallel between body and spirit. The physical body is separated from the spiritual body so that the physical body can no longer copy any of the spiritual body’s movements. This makes the soul completely independent. The parallel is finished and the soul can now carry out movements the physical body prevented due to the laws of physics. Due to the interrelationship between body and soul, the soul depends on the reactions of the body during an incarnation. Every twitch and every reaction of the body must accordingly also be participated in and felt by the spiritual body. • Due to the fact that the thought process is excluded, the physical body can be neutralised from all thought processes. Direct contact between body and soul takes place during the walking state . The soul is put to sleep in a somnambulistic state . An alien intelligence (soul) can control the physical body on behalf of the soul through remote control (telepathy). The medium’s soul is also put to sleep in a trance state . An alien INTELLIGENCE takes control of all the body’s functions through remote control. Every movement of the alien INTELLIGENCE (spirit) is immediately copied by the body of the trance medium. This also includes the process of talking. The alien spirit talks, but its vocal cords do not emit an otherworldly sound. As the physical body of the medium is forced to copy all vibrations of the spirit’s vocal cords also, the physical vocal cords accordingly emit a terrestrial sound. In regards to inspiration , the physical brain of the medium copies every thought vibration of the inspiring spirit. Contact during clairaudience is even closer, so that the inspiration turns verbal, that is to say, the native tongue of the medium is also understood. This however is where terrible mistakes can be made, particularly when the inspiring spirit thinks in a foreign language the medium has no command of, because the medium immediately translates every telepathically transmitted concept into its native tongue.”