- 2 - 2. You may not act and live against the LAWS of nature; then you not only damage yourself and your soul, but many of your progeny, which will then be beyond any help. When you dam- aged the intelligent CREATION of GOD, you began to bear the complete responsibility for all suffering on this Earth. 3. You may not mock nor pursue your CREATOR, even if you can’t understand or compre- hend HIM with your underdeveloped power of reasoning; as you are not more, but less than GOD. Therefore do not sully HIS NAME and do not bring him into association with your own thoughts. Do not criticise the LOGOS; then HE is infallible on account of HIS infinite EXPE- RIENCE and immeasurable POWER. 4. Be tirelessly active, in thought as well as in deed. But be aware that thought represents the greatest POWER and the highest INHERITANCE from GOD. Your thought is immeasurable in its impact, on this and the other side. Think in reverence about your CREATOR, in the pro- creation of your offspring as well as in the making of all things, and always create everything for the good and never to the disgrace of GOD and yourself. Respect the tireless industrious- ness of the CREATOR and respect the work of your fellow human beings, which serve CRE- ATION and honour GOD by the sweat of their brow. 5. Do not distinguish between rich and poor, nor distinguish between young and old or be- tween different skin colours. Respect experience and esteem suffering. Listen to the advice of your parents if they believe in GOD, the CREATOR. You may become rich without this belief, but never happy and certainly not blessed. 6. The CREATOR wants you to respect life in the entire world as HIS POWER. You have not the right to control the life of your fellow human beings. Resist adverse creation and a life- destroying existence. Do not kill any animal for your pleasure, but only to sustain and secure your own existence. 7. Do not damage your fellow human being, neither in body or soul, nor in his reputation or his earned possessions. Do not damage his development, neither in his love nor his freedom, but help him always and in all things, without expecting gratitude. But make your contributions to the truth and to the sustainment of all facilities, which promote your life, your health and your spiritual and mental development.  . THE SEVEN DEMANDS 1. Do not procreate out of lust, but out of an voluntary willingness to make a sacrifice, to offer a pardoned soul the opportunity to gain better insight and self-knowledge and to take care of them, until they have reached independence in thought and action. 2. Respect your spouse as the responsible bearer of the divine WILL, divine LIFE and as a preparer of the way of a future full of plans. Her failure means a slow but unavoidable degen- eration. 3. Do not distribute the treasures of this Earth; then they are given to all creatures, above all, every human being, without any external differences. The star Earth is a present of GOD to all of mankind, either presently living on this star, or going to live on it.